Effort V Speed

Whats the diference between the above two? During my training I can run what seems like a regular race and get a decent time. But I notice I can run and feel like am going much faster and putting more into the run but still only do the same time.  Why does putting more effort in not deliver a faster time?


  • Are the 'more effort' runs uphill, by any chance.  Or though mud?

    Seriously though, .... one thing to look at is your running form.  For example, if your running form has a heavy heel strike... with your toes pointing up on landing, and landing with feet well out in front of you, then you could be just converting the extra energy into heavier foot landing, and more jarring of your legs, rather than converting it into forward motion.

    Do you think that's a possibility?

  • It may be that when you try to go faster, it means you start out faster, and then have a battle to sustain your speed, whereas when you relax a little, you run at a more even pace.

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