Foam roller after a marathon

Did 26.2 on Sunday. Sore now. Is it a good idea to foam roll or leave it until pain goes a bit? Cheers.


  • I don't know about good advice, but I've had a 9 mile run this morning and spent the evening rollering myself silly, and I feel all the better for it. I didn't have any muscular pain after yesterdays marathon though other than my abs.

  • Hi ET I read somewhere that the sooner the better and also to stretch after which maximises the benefit of rollering. However in reality I sometimes have a shower and something to eat before getting on the roller!

  • ET would say the sooner the better as well is it just pain through or do you have any injures or anything? Hot bath and a big glass of wine work well. If any good I can inturduce you to folks in sheffield who can do deep tissue but I would save your money unless it's really bad.

    How was Nottingham? Oh and very well done sir. image

  • I'd say roll as soon as you can.  If you wait it might be too late as what you'd be wanting to alleviate would have already occurred, ie DOMS.

    At the risk of hijacking this thread... Also-Ran, which abs?  I've had sore abs for a couple on months now and am not sure if it is ab or not.  If they are abs and not a ligament, they are the lowest abs.  What are you going to do to fix them?  I can't use a foam roller and ice hasn't much helped.

  • Hi Ally, it isn't from any chronic injury. I wasn't 100% well and suffered a lot of stitch and then stomach cramps during the race causing me to tense up. I think it will sort itself out over the next few days.  It feels more like Doms of the core  musclesimage

  • Cheers all! Yeah, I thought it might be a case of `grin` and bear it so I used it last night. Not too bad.

    Thanks Cake!

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