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Hi all! 

I've just started training for a half marathon and wanted to buy more suitable shoes. I over pronate and was wondering whether there is a particular brand of running shoes that you would recommend? I'm considering Brooks and Asics. 

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  • Thanks for your response! 


  • Manufacturers don't seem to be promoting motion control shoes these days, but Asics 1000 and 2000  are good for pronators, but I'm not certain about over pronators. Don't run your half in new trainers, until you have run a few miles in them.

  • Thanks Terence! 

  • It's not the brand that matters.  Brooks and Asics and most manufacturers make shoes for varying degrees of pronation and then it just comes down to individual fit and which suits your own individual needs better.  For example I tried the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 which are supposed to be for overpronators but I couldn't get on with them at all.  Personally for me the Asics GT2170 and now the GT2000 seems to be the best shoe for my needs.  Not saying Asics is better than Brooks or anything like that... you just need to find what works for you. For me it's been a lot of trial and error!!

  • Whichever shoe you choose, check out the one from last year that it replaced in that manufacturer's range, then buy this one instead at about half the price.

    The logic is that if it was good enough for all the runners who bought it last year, then it hasn't suddenly become rubbish just because the manufacturer has brought out a new one in a different colour for this year.

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