Reducing a training programme by a day - how?

After my next half marathon (in a couple of weeks) I'm going to begin my next training programme.

The programme I want to follow (sub 1.30 - Garmin ready) says it can be a 5/6 day a week schedule but it is shown over 6 days.

My question is if I want to reduce it to 5 days how do I do this? Do I just add the mileage I would be missing on to the other days?


  • That's hard to answer properly without you typing out what the programme is asking you to do.

  • Well, its a mixture of speed, endurance work over the 6 days. On the day I want to drop (the Monday) its generally an easy 5 mile run. Could I just add the 5 miles on to my easy runs throughout the rest of the week?

  • I wouldn't claim to be an authority on this aspect of training! But personally, I'd essentially say yes, although you do want your easy days to remain easy... so I'd avoid adding more than a mile to any individual run.  There's nothing wrong with adding one of those easy miles to the warm up at the start of your speed sessions... but if you end up dropping the 5 mile easy run, and only managing to redistribute 3 of them, I can't see it making a huge difference. Best not to risk overdoing things.


  • thanks!

  • SSJ, my schedule involved two x 5 miles steady on Monday - hard session Tuesday and Thursday ..

    wednesday was anther steady run... 

    but I was advised to skip one of Mondays and add it to Wednesday but wont need to be as much, 40 min steady run building on 5 min blocks- if your doing speedwork either side then that would work..hope thaf helps.. 

    Check out my training thread and my schedule if you want visual clarification .. 

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  • That's great, thanks Scott. I'm really picking up my training now and want to have a big push towards breaking the 1hr 30 mark, cheers for the advice!

  • No worries! Good luck hard work will pay off!! 

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Hi SJJ

    There is a slight misinterpretation of the plan being made here. In order to follow the plan, the recommendation is that you are already running 35 - 40 miles per week over 5 to 6 sessions.  This is the base mileage you are expected to take to the start.

    The plan has then be written out to the day. There isn't a 5 day option.

    Of course all plans are not written in stone and what you choose to do with them. I would look to take the shortest / easiest day (which is not always a Monday with this plan) and change it to some form of cross training.

  • ok, now I'm confused.... I'm running 40 miles a week at the moment so the mileage isn't a problem. What do you mean by 'The plan has then be written out to the day. There isn't a 5 day option'?

  • The plan is written out for you day by day. In your opening post above you were under the impression that there were 5 and 6 days pw options, but you could only see the 6 days per week plan (please see your opening post)

    There isn't a 5 day version - the plan was saying that you should already be running 5 to 6 days per week (and 35 to 40 miles pw) before you attempt it. 

    As I said, if you can't or don't want to use the plan to the letter, then just adjust to your needs. My recommendation is to take the shortest/lowest intensity day and cross train to maintain the balance. I wouldn't start adding to the harder days to compensate.

  • get it now, sorry having a stupid moment!

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