Kona 12 October 2013

So I will probably be watching it throught the night again so though I'd better check and see if there are any Pirates competeing this year....image

I have been totaly out of the triathon loop this past year due to family issues....image

but now that has been resloved should be back into it for next season...image



  • Funkin, Flyaway and Joddly are all competing.....image

  • Will they be wearing the colours black 'n' yellar?

  • Lets hope so or we wont know its them image

  • Is Barlos not doing it this year too?

  • No, next year.

  • I'm sure there were 4 but I can't think of the other.

  • Snorks is there too but not sure if he is in pirate colours these days or not

  • Oh yes, that's who I meant.

  • I'll be proudly racing in black and yellow image

  • Is it online only watching or will it be on real life telly?

  • It wont be on 'real-telly' unless youre in the USA (guess its on some obscure ESPN channel somewhere there).

    It will be streamed live on Ironman.com, if youve a HDMI lead/connections you can connect a laptop to your TV and watch it on the bigger screan.  I'll be glued.

    Go Pirates image

  • So will I as usual, Barley.

  • There's also a smartphone app available to track competitors

    IronMobile I think its called.
  • +1 for being glued to the hours for 9/10 hours on a saturday night in 10 days time! Will turbo, eat, then get drunk whilst watching it.. trying not to fall asleep (it finishes about 7am in the morning for me here!)

  • I wonder if you'll make it to the finish.

    (Come on, I had to, you left yourself wide open for that one.)

  • I used that Ironmobile app for Tahoe this year, seemed to work quite well .. better than IM Dead thats for sure

  • image to Mouse's comment to GB!!

  • Aaaaaah, cool. I year is just the warm up for tracking Barlos next yearimage

    Kona-baby tracking is in my diary. Gym sesh in the am then track-o-rama.  Can't wait!!!

    Golden Boots, have you not been in drink training to make sure you can last til the finish?image


  • Sitting at Heathrow, wondering why there are so many people wandering around with Mdot bags. Was trying to think was there an IM in the next week or so........ doh!!
  • How's the mini cab business going Raf?

  • Just giving this one a bit of a Boing  image

    Luckily, I am on lates on Saturday so perfect for a bit of on-line stalking

    A link to Mr Funkins blog pages if you haven't seen them yet, well worth a read

  • Love his funkin trunks image awesome!

  • Funkin Trunkin   image

    Pity we havent heard from the rest of the crew but I dont think they have much internet access

  • Yeah, I know flyaway doesn't have internet access where she's staying.  There's a fair bit of free wi-fi in town.  Not sure about Joddly.

    I'm trying my best to keep you all up to date with the daft shenanagans that I'm up to!

  • F I've just caught up with the last 5 days of blog entry, and forwarding on to friends!!! Love it!!


    Unfortunately it is my last weekend of living in India, so some very selfish and rude friends are making me party with them. Fortunately the race finishes at 6am for me, so I will have to make a sneaky getaway at 3am to catch the marathon! Will be gutted to miss the rest of the race though - Will be catching up on intermittent twitter moments

  • I shall try and tweet as much as I can work permitting !

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭


    I've just been catching up with Funkin's blog, too - he tells it so well. 

    It really is amazing out here. I'm sitting in our (open air) lobby, (where the wifi is), looking onto Ali'i Drive, and there isn't a 30 second period whithout somoene running or cycling past.

    We've been keeping it fairly low-key compared with the Funkins, and I'm very bothered by a foot worry, but I did take time to ride into the expo earlier to get my photo taken with Pete Jacobs, his new bike, Chris Boardman and my bike. Unfortunately the guy who took the pic largely missed out the bikes, but it was fun anyway!!

    It's great to know we've got the support of you folks at home. Funkin's obviously now a celebrity in his own right, so do check out his blog if you haven't already. Chrissie is an avid fan image.


  • Glad to hear you have survived and are still sandbagging   image

    Have an amazing time you lot !!

  • Is it just me, or does Funkin look like Tim Don (in his bearded days) in that Rudy Project photo??? image

    I do love the fact that his blog is fun AND educational; new Hawaii facts everyday image

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