C25K followed by a 3-week break - what next?

Tonight I will complete C25K but then I am off on holiday for three weeks.  I'm not sure how best to pick up running again on my return.  Does anyone have any tips?


  • First tip...   there are few holidays that cannot be improved by going out for a little run around your destination. So pack your trainers! Even if you only go out 3 times.

    If, for some reason you cannot do that, then on you return, I would simply ease your way back into it, doing something like.

    Week 1 Run 1.   warm up / 20 minute jog / stretch

    Week 1 Run 2.   warm up / 22 minute jog / stretch

    Week 1 Run 3.   warm up / 25 minute jog / stretch

    Week 2 Run 1.   warm up / 25 minute jog / stretch

    Week 2 Run 2.   warm up / 27 minute jog / stretch

    Week 2 Run 3.   warm up / 30 minute jog / stretch


    Then you should be ready to pick up where you left off.

  • Well done for completing C25K.  The first piece of advice is to enjoy your holiday and have a great time.  When you get back perhaps go back one or two weeks on the C25K programme and build back up to 5km.  From there you can build your success and work towards your next goal.  The idea is not to overdo it and injure yourself!

    Have a geat holiday!

  • Long turist strolls and some gentle swimming in the sea will always help to keep you fittedimage

  • Have a great holiday, then decide if you want to stay at the fitness level by duo say a Saturday park run and a couple of other runs , or if you want to say move upto planning for a 10k the nhs have a sure for those that have done c25k

  • I did think about taking my trainers with me but I really don't think I'll have much time for running on my holiday.  I will be doing a LOT of walking and plenty of swimming though so I'm hoping to at least keep the energy levels up.

    I'll have a look at the link booktrunk and I also think the plan suggested by Runny Knows sounds great.

    Thanks for the advice image

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