Royal Parks Half Marathon 2013


Does anyone know of a spare place available for the Royal Parks Half Marathon on Sunday? We missed out on the ballot this year but last month my other half won a place in a competition to the half - and I'm VERY jealous! Have done this before and it's a fab event - if you have a place and cannot run I would love to take it (and obviously will pay you for the place).

Thank you

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  • Hi, I'm injured and unable to run, if you are still interested in getting a number contact me on /forum/smilies/] to discuss





  • Hi, I'm looking to buy a spare place too. Does anyone have one? My boyfriend's done all the training with me and would love to run on Sunday. Please let me know if you do! Thanks, Lucy

  • Thanks Steve - have just e-mailed you now 

  • Coo, great day in the sunshine - how did everyone else get on ? My time 2:04 so not unhappy with that though by no means a PB.

    For anyone who had decided to run their very first Half Marathon , yesterday's Royal Parks was as good as it gets. 

    Well organised, cheerful happy runners, perfect weather, London at its Autumnal best looking gorgeous.

    One of the seasoned runners enjoying the best possible day in the sun was Katherine Jenkins, running for the Royal Marsden Hospital

    Her time was 2:14...go that mezzo soprano image

    Organisation definitely on a par with VLM. Bag check fairly smooth, event area well marshalled and volunteers around the course doing their best to cheer on the 16,000 who took part.

    The route was a bit like the London 10K PLUS , with echoes of the final gruelling but uplifting miles of the London Marathon.

    Starting and finishing on the South side of Hyde Park we went out over Westminster Bridge then hooked right along the Embankment up as far as Temple underground before running back the other way to short cut past Main Building and up into Traf Square.

    Then through Admiralty Arch  and down the long sun dappled straight of The Mall.

    ' Right turn Clyde ! ' at Buck House and around the Northern edge of Hyde Park looping back through Kensington Gardens.

    For anyone who is desperate to run Central London and has (like me) an uncanny knack of missing out on a Virgin London Marathon place, the Royal Parks is a very acceptable alternative.Be warned, this is a very popular race internationally...the ballot takes place in Spring and you need to get in there.

    The charity I was running for ( Combat Stress ) had 60 runners at the event. 

    If you get a place next year do please consider signing up with them.





  • Roger - I think I spoke to you at the back of the Green pen before the start.

    It was a great run and I enjoyed the course and the buzz.

  • Hi Andy,

    are you the gent from Whanganui ?

    Or the bloke I was trying to borrow a biro from to write my baggage tag number on my wrist?


    Sorry if I put you off  - hope you had a good run! I get a bit hyper at the startline.




  • Great place to run first half. 

    Could Lucozade not provide smaller bottles?

  • Hi Roger

    that was def you - no you didn't put me offimage

    No, I had the footy shirt on but I did hear you scrounging a pen...

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