My best mile and a half is 7.43 does anyone know how much I would need to shave off that time to be in a competitive race ?


  • It is not really a distance that is raced competitively. You will get more idea looking at times for 1500m or 3000m. Have a look on Power of 10 Web Site for the rankings of these 2 distances,

  • Thats an excellent time - but isn't any race competitive ?

    Get registered for your local parkrun and test yourself there ? It is 5k rather than 2.4 though.
  • The world best for 3000 metres is around 7:20 so you would need to be able to run 20 odd seconds faster for an addtional 600 metres or so to be comepetitive.

  • The only timed one and half mile run I know is the army's standard PFT and that's a good time for it, I could never get below 9 min.

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