Camelbak's banned for NY and another Marathon

OK, this i downright weird!!

Seriously, unless they strip search every person watching the race what the heck is the point of this!



  • I read it and there are some whinners on there. Re the camelbaks, for gods sake there are water stations every MILE and it is NOVEMBER. 

    For spectators, yes there are some restriction on the number of bags to be taken into the finish area / family reunion area, into the expo etc. I'd say that is not a bad thing in this climate

  • plus it says you can use handheld bottles and bottle belts, its only camelbaks. And as also-ran said, there are plently of water stations!

  • I feel that this is a bit over the top.  Many people run with camelbaks as they need water between the stations and just do't get on with carrying bottles.  I personally use a hydration bumbag, I wander if that would be allowed?  I would love to run the NY Marathon one day but a restriction like this would definitely put me off. 

    At the end of the day the Boston bombers weren't running in the race were they?  What nxt are they going to run full security checks on every entrant?  THat would give us even  higher race fees!

  • if you read the report it says that belts and presumably bumbags are allowed. but seriously, if there is really a water station every mile, why would you need water inbetween? its a road marathon, not a trail one, there will be no shortage of water.

  • WiBWiB ✭✭✭

    It may seem a little silly, but with the sheer number of water stations only a few minutes apart is it really necessary to haul an extra couple of litres around on your back? IT really is overkill.

  • A huge overeaction. Anyone in the crowd can buy a gun in the States but run with a camelback? No, buddy that's dangerous. you could be a terrorist. 

  • Definitely overkill.

    (and i cant see the point in using camelbaks in races like this. I think they're more a security blanket rather than a genuine need)
  • Simple solution, wear your Camelbak and just disguise it with a Rhinoceros suit or similar 

  • "Many people run with camelbaks as they need water between the stations "


    Not sure I agree with you Liz. If you need water between stations, it probably points more towards your training efforts than a need for a camelbak.


  • Costumes are banned too I think ? No rhinos allowed !
  • WiBWiB ✭✭✭

    Oh dear. No costumes... this race will never be taken seriously now.

  • We won't need tacky gimmicks at Beachy WiB. A fantastic course will have to do.

  • I'm more concerned about suggestions that some races in the States are considering having no bag drops. Unless you can get a hotel near the finish, or have travelling support, that's going to be a chilly journey home.

  • So long as we don't follow suit - it doesn't really bother me what they want to do over there.

    As NLR says - guns are fine - but backpacks - banned Makes no sense.
  • WiBWiB ✭✭✭

    I'm sure we will stuggle through, SR.

  • Boston Marathon bombers killed 3 people.

    Handguns in the US killed 9146.
  • Oh god is cougie trying to set some Americans off (are there any here?)


  • Naah no worries - its quite a narrow doorway into RWUK......
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Aren't Kinder eggs also banned in the US?  Not that you need them to run NY of course!

  • WiBWiB ✭✭✭

    Diabetes killed 69,071 but they don't stop selling shitty food and drinks.

    In 2000 over 7000 people died by falling over.

  • Mr A, it is a bit tougher than I suggested. You have to run 3 miles before the first water station, and then its one every mile.  Running a marathon just got tougher.

    For those who wanted it even tougher, weight vests, chain mail and the likes are out.

    NY has a bag and no bag option. If you opt for no bag you will get out of the finishing area before midnight


  • skottyskotty ✭✭✭

    "NY has a bag and no bag option. If you opt for no bag you will get out of the finishing area before midnight"

    sponsored by Ryanair?

  • skottyskotty ✭✭✭

    "As NLR says - guns are fine - but backpacks - banned Makes no sense."


    You can run with guns?

  • The problem with these sorts of measures is people just implement them because the powers that be tell them to. Its completely illogical. The Boston Bombers certainly weren't running in the race, nor did they use camelbaks. Plus have they banned backpacks from Shopping Centres yet? Nope .......... hmmm, well how stupid are they then in light of recent events in Kenya. 

    This is another knee jerk reaction that people bend over and just take under the 'better safe than sorry' rule even if at best it plugs 1 gap but leaves another 100 open.

    A bit like mobile phones on planes. You telling me that since mobile phones have been invented, every single person has always shut them down on every single flight and thats the only reason planes havent gone down. More rubbish from people too lazy to question some idiot who comes up with these suggestions. 


  • WiBWiB ✭✭✭

    They may have ran at Boston if they had managed the qualifying time though?

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭


  • lol, that was quite funny.


  • Phil - Very good!


  • most peopel who wear camelbags will have them to carry their sports drink of choice.....if you hate the crap out of lucozade and want a sports drink for the course then you have no choice to carry your own.....


    agree with those who say that this is totally over the top american crap

  • Gatorade every frigging mile? This is no wilderness ultra

    By the way, guns are banned along with bottles over 1 litre in size.

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