Running Route Recording


Other than Map my Run are there any other UK based alternatives?




  • Nike+ is good. I use Garmin Dashboard but you need a garmin watch for that. There is also RunKeeper. All have apps for both apple and android etc.

  • Endomondo isn't UK based but very good.

  • runkeeper is good

  • Garmin Fit costs a whole 69p i think but is good. That would be my recommendation then if you ever get a garmin watch later on can just carry on recording the runs on the same site.

  website and app is another..... there are hundreds out there image

  • dan lodge: Don't need a garmin watch with garmin Fit image

  • Thanks for the heads up on that, I didnt even realise Garmin had an app. I use the 410 watch then the ANT stick to upload to Garmin dashboard on my laptop. May just check that app out. Im using the watch and Nike+ at the moment, I like the more competative nature of Nike+ with the challenges etc really gives you a kick up the @ss to go and run!

  • Thanks all for your reponses.

     For me just for running i use all the fancy stuff when i go cross-country biking. I just want to run and then go home and draw the map i ran on on some web appication. No GPS just an old watch. i have used map my run but to go pro seems expensive for little return.

  • Then this should be what youre looking for I use it to check mileage of planned runs.


  • +1 for Endomondo app, great website for checking out your stats also.

  • Haven't met anyone else that uses it, but I use Sports Tracker:

  • I download stuff to Garmin Connect... and have made routes on the map, and uploaded them onto my old 205 Forerunner watch.

    But like dan lodge, my tool of choice for general checking out of routes is the gb.mapometer site he mentions.  I find it very intuitive and easy to use.  Mind you, there are quite a few applications mentioned on this page that I haven't tried, so I all I can say is that it's good, but can't vouch for it being the best.

  • I use WalkJogRun for doing the same as your planning. I tend to plan a route on there. Run it and time it with my GShock and then come back edit it as required and then import it into FetchEveryone with times and splits if I have done them.

    All free too!

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