I've been accepted for the Virgin London Marathon! Yikes!

hello...i've just been accepted, completely shocked!!  Excited but shocked & nervous! I've played squash for many many years so have fitness on the court, but not for running. I completed a half marathon just under 2 years ago but  I've got many friends who are in the fitness field and have completed marathons, so they'll be supporting me no end.

I just wanted to get involved on here, I have been reading through the threads and it's great how everyone pulls together.

I entered because I was so inspired by my work mate who completed the marathon this year, along with the thousands of other people... and I thought if they can do it, so can i! What an amazing achievement! Also I'm wanting to lose weight, get fit and raise as much money for the British Heart Foundation (as I lost my dad to a sudden heart attack 9 years ago)....so it's a win all round!

I'm going to start my programme next week, starting slow and building it up. I'm going to follow the 'beginners' marathon running programme that was in the marathon news magazine.

Any hints, tips, or anything at all to help me stay focused and keep this smile on my face will be much appreciated!



  • Congratulations!

    Hints and tips? Hmmm...

    Find a plan that fits your lifestyle and available time,

    book your hotel now.

    Record all the sessions you do so you can see your progression.

    Practice your fuel and hydration strategies on a long runs (15+)

    do at least three 20 mile long runs.

    Use the reason you are running to motivate you through the tough times.

    But most of all enjoy the day, start slow and smile, your dad would be proud!

  • Thank you Katy!  really appreciate your response!

    I live in London so that's fine, I'll have my bath and bed waiting for me!  image)

    I'm making a start next week, taking it slow and building it up.  I'm looking at 10k/halfs to complete during the training.

    In terms of fuel & hydration, what works best for you?

    Also I'm looking at running shoes, I had the gait analysis last night and need a stable neutral trainer and both Asics Nimbus 15 & Brooks Ghost 6 fitted well and were comfy. It's like a mindfield though, there are so many different trainers out there.  I am alway drawn to adidas, that's what gym/squash trainers I've had in the past, but is it because I prefer the look...like for example Adidas Boost?

    I bet the day is amazing!  I watched this year and found myself welling up constantly for other people, what an amazing achievement! 

  • don't get carried away with your enthusiasm and try and do to much too soon.use these next few months to build up slowly


     good luck and enjoy


  • As everyone had said don't rush it, but get a plan and try to stick to it. I find if you don't you suddenly realise 10 days have gone by without a run.

    so you need to be slightly selfish and say this time is mine, no excuses, rain etc... Is irrelevant I'm going to get outimage the hardest thing isn't going to be doing the training it's  going to be looking outside at the rain and then smiling and opening the front door and going outimage 

    running in the rain is actually fun image 

  • When it came to fuel and hydration I drink water sometimes with an electrolyte tablet in it and use SIS gels and muesli bars to keep me going every 4 miles after the seven mile point. But others on this forum may have better suggestions.

    Wise move getting your gait checked.

    As booktrunk says just get out there, and dress for the conditions. No excuses - after all it could be raining or snowing on marathon day.


  • I did VLM as my first marathon this year. What helped me most was entering lots of build up races in advance as soon as I got the place. This made it less daunting as I felt I was training for each race rather than just the marathon. I entered a 10k in the September, a 10 miler in the October, a Half marathon in the Feb and then a 20 miler in the March. (Nov, Dec and Jan I concentrated on building up the miles). These races also helped me practise fueling, build confidence and decide my marathon pace.

    Good luck!
  • Congrats on getting in.

    As booktrunk says dont let the weather put you off it's so easy to just miss a run. When I was training for London and was having a not so enjoyable run I pictured myself running down the Mall waving to the crowds and thinking of all the people I would help with the money I raised. 

    Most of all enjoy yourself but dont overtrain or you will be joining the hoards of people on here asking what the hell their ITB band injury is all about image

  • really appreciate your comments, thanks a lot!  I will take it nice and easy, I have a beginners plan to follow and I'm getting out there and starting it next week.

    I have plenty of people around me who have been there and done it, so i'll have help at hand. I love hearing other peoples experiences, I learn more that way rather than reading through pages and pages on the internet.

    I'll look into booking some races now... image

  • Seriously picturing crossing the line is great.

    getting over the line is your first marathon is such an incredible feeling. I remember thinking I was actually sprinting the last 100m when I saw a video it was an embarrassing shuffle. But, seriously it's such an awesome feeling and makes all the training worthwhile

  • Nice one, main thing is definitely go at it slowly, DONT rush your training. An injury could set you back 3 months and for that extra 1 mile in training it simply isn't worth it.

    Maybe consider regular massages to help the legs, consider cross training and work on your core seems to be the general advice.

    If you are like me, I don't want to simply run a 10km or half marathon I want to give it everything I have and that does mean you tend to push distances and speed in training, but all the advice is to hold back and do it slowly.

    Good luck.

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