10k and general improvement

Hi everyone,

I am new to this site and relatively new to running. I have been running for approx 10 months now and have made great progress. My first ever 10k was 58 mins and now my pb is 46 mins so im happy with that in 10 months. im just after some tips for more improvement as i feel my improvement is now slowing. im 29 years old and currently run 1x5k run, 1x7 mile run and 1x10 mile plus a week and some weeks i do an interval session if work,wife or child permit. Any advice would be welcome.


  • When I use to run marathons my 10k times really improved as it was a breeze 10k was nothing when I was training and raceing 60miles a week, also I found track sessions helped too, improve your core strength at the gym and cardio vascular work outs rowing machine is a good one.

    good luck and well improved 10k times in a short time.

  • What you are doing has clearly been working for you. Most training plans tend to include one longer run a week (your 10 miler), a shorter, faster run (lots of technical terms with slightly different meanings - tempo, threshold etc - your 5k run does this, but you should be pushing this faster than your other runs). Once a decent base has been built, then it is probably time to introduce a speed session each week as these really do help your body adapt to running faster.

    I would say that your mileage is not very high - about 20 miles per week. If you can push this up to 30 or 35 you would probably see a significant improvement. However life is full of compromises and only you can work out what fits in and is fair on your wife and family. I've found the only way I can get 35-40 miles in per week is to get up and get out whilst everyone else is asleep, and then provide the wife with a cup of tea in bed when I get back.

  • Some great advice here, thank you. So would i be best adding an interval session and and upping the milage combined?. Oh and thats a great tip on providing the wife tea!!

  • Probably be best to focus on one or the other first, though you could do both gradually.

    If time limits you then adding intervals will probably give best bang for buck. But if you can add some extra miles I'd probably add them first. I've seen several articles saying that when working at a certain mileage stops improving performance you can add interval sessions.

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