snack - afternoon?

Hi Runners,

What do you eat usually as snack in the middle afternoon? (sweets/chocolate? fruit? cereal?)


  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    2pm dark chocolate, 3pm apple, 5pm banana*


    *Times may vary.  But not by much... not that I've got OCD or anything...

  • Houmous, something to dip in it (usually peppers and spring onions) and a protein shake with golden flax seed oil. Occasionally a big dollop of full fat greek yoghurt (lovely). Also fairly strict with my eating times - afternoon snack at 5 thank you. Morning snack at 11.30. No excuses.

  • Soreen malt loaf

  • A can of man up normally keeps me going until tea image

  • With a side of self restraint obv ...

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