Beginning slowly!

Hiya, I'm in my early 40s and have never run.  I'm relatively healthy but don't do much exercise, probably about 1.5stone overweight.

I'd like to start running but not sure how to go about it.  

Any advice glad received image


  • Hi as with all new exercise it might be good to check with your GP that you are ok to start running, but that said I would suggest you start with a plan like the Couch to 5K from the NHS website or there is a 5K plan on RW (use the search as I can't find the link) this starts off nice and easy with a walk/run routine for the NHS one you can download the podcasts which will tell you when its time to walk/run and builds up over 9 weeks (or longer if you are a older/slower runner like me) to you being able to run 5K

    Hope this is of some help - Good Luck

  • you will see c25k a lot.


    Rhis stands for Couch to 5km (just over 3 miles) so there are lots of plans to take a complete newbie to 5k.

    The NHS plan is here

    go to a running shop and get some advice on trainers, slightly expensive but you won't get anywhere with badly fitting trainers. For running outfits any old "technical" tops and leggings or shorts, not cotton t-shirts as they just soak up your sweat and are nasty. 

    If you are a girl get a decent running braimage my personal favourite is shock absorber ultimate run bra.

    wgen you start running the mistake people do is go to fast it's not a 30 yard sprint slooooooow and steady is great just build up a bit of speed over the months. Stamina is why you need to learn firstimage

    also never forget it'a fun, healthy, going to help slowly sculpt your body, there are no downsides image

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