Thursday 3rd October 2013


Lyrics - Those cocky little fires you started in the night

It's starting to feel quite wintry but as Blister's said - not really cold yet. Rain forecast for this afternoon so hopefully I'll get out on my bike this morning - though it will be the hybrid as I need to find out how long it will take us to ride to the 10k we're marshalling on Sunday. I'm finding it hard to not do as much as when I was IM training and to let the weight drift up a little but I know I need to, can't keep that level of training or weight control up all year.

OH - hope your ankle is ok to run this evening but better to take the long view and miss JS if not 100% at this stage.

Wabo - more races coming up before Snowdon?

Hope you're ok if you're looking in birks.

What:              a bimble on the bike
Why:               see above
Last hard:       13/9 (feels like ages)
Last rest:        27/9


  • morning!
    +2 for Blisters, LmH comments on the weather: outlook grim, but was mild this morning (still just t-shirt weather). Packed two lots of running kit as may well be raining at lunchtime and on the way home.
    Blisters - thanks for the heads up that greater than, less than deletes posts. Weird.

    Lyric - yes indeed, this one is on my playlist for those long tedious winter multi-lap runs around the business park. They'll be starting again soon.

    what - run at lunchtime, U11 coaching, then maybe small track work waiting for eldest's hockey to finish.
    why - Thursday
    last rest - Friday
    last hard - Tuesday

  • Morning all

    todays lyrics really not a clue!

    lmh, I do actually have another race! 12/10 first xctry of the season, 5 miler and easy one if its dry!

    what tai chi and strengthening stuff again

    why: lsr tomorrow am

    last hard: Tuesday nights race

    last easy: yesterday

    I actually got a course pb on Tuesday by about a minute so I am happy with that, very

  • and so you should be Wabo - you're running really well.

    Just short of 19 miles on the hybrid for me this morning, it's mild but very grey and the air is wet if you know what I mean?

  • thanks lmh and alehouse, stone off has made all the difference this year

    sorry OH!

  • What: hopefully with the group this evening
    Why: Thursdays (but on duty until 6pm)
    Last Hard: Monday
    Lyrics: no
    Going to try out some shockabsorber insoles this evening

  • 10 miles in the end last night - a bit sore after Tuesdays first Winter weights session.


    6 miles d&d earlier at a good turnover. hour on Turbo later.


    pi55in here but nicer from tomorrow we are promised

  • Afternoon!

    Very wet. And about to go out in it...

    What: the plan is 40 mins easy but I may change my mind
    Why: depends how much I'm enjoying getting wet in the dark!

    Lyrics: no

  • Evening

    What 8 with strides

    Why Actually almost following a schedule

    Lyrics No

    Another go at some speed work. Went better than Tuesdays attempt. Anyway, something easy and straightforward tomorrow like 7 with hills.

  • 5 miles D&D and ankle no worse ... now rest again

  • turbo done.

    Second winter weights tomorrow - Biggest challenge is not to fall over and make an eejit of meself in the gym. will swim and run too at some stage.

    We're choppin down timber!!


  • 40 mins done. Easy running. And the rain stopped. Very uneven pavements and lots of turns and even more traffic: not my ideal run, but another run in the bank!

    Good to hear ankle is no worse, OH.

    Take care, Postie! Cotton wool time!

  • Evening all

    Lyrics - No

    What - 4.25m easy
    Why - easy day and hopefully rest day tomorrow
    Last hard - Tues
    Last rest - Weds last week

    Take care

  • Zero here.

    Partly due to having a grumpy wife. Partly CBA. Partly due to the excuse of taper. Partly using a few tight muscle groups as an excuse.

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