Best rucksack for carrying workclothes

I tend to be working in a casual environment so wear my running trainers to work though wear a shirt and jeans/ chinos at work. I work 12.5 km away and like to run back around once a week rather then getting on public transport. I tend to use a rucksack I bought on the cheap to bring my stuff back though this is uncomfortable. Looking for something designed for running.


  • I run with an older version of this-

    If its just jeans and chinos you're taking you could go for a smaller rucsac I reckon.
  • Thanks , I will check that out.

  • The OMM Ultra 12 litre and 15 litre are sometimes available at okay prices and are both very lightweight. I have the 12 litre and it's not bad;15 litre would give you a bit more room.

  • Does anybody has any experience of this 15 litre rucksack from Karrimor?

    At only £ 11 it is almost a steal...

  • Stockholm Syndrome, I think the best thing would be to go into Sports Direct and try it on. If it is a good fit, and weighs what you want it to weigh, then I doubt you will go far wrong.

    I personally use a Camelback Octane for my longer ultras, which is ideal for work clothes.

  • BikoBiko ✭✭✭

    Why don't you just leave your clothes in work and take them home the next day.

    im assuming you own more than one t shirt/ pair of jeans?

  • That gets a bit impractical if you want to run home from work 4-5 days a week. 

  • Ben: Thank you for the advice, but as I´m in Sweden and we don´t have any Sportsdirect here I cannot try it on. But I just ordered it anyway. The price ended up in £15 with postage and with that price I feel I can´t go wrong.

    Was looking at the Deuter Speedlite 15 as well. Tried it on in a store in Berlin last weekend and it felt good. However, the cheapest I´ve seen it for is £37 delivered so that is more than double than the Karrimor. I doubt it is worth that much extra.

  • Stockholm, I've got the Karimoor backpack above, and run home 3/4 times a week with it (only 5k each time) does the job for me as I don't have lots of stuff


  • Charley: Sounds good. I just want to carry a jacket and maybe some gels or bars so I don´t need that much space.

  • I have been using the Karrimor Urban 30 for running to work one/twice a week for about a year. As a serial cheap-skate I don't have enough good pairs of jeans so I take my clothes in the bag every day. It's a great size for clothes plus lunch but in the winter when you might want another layer it's not really big enough. The zips are fine but the lining between the sections has ripped so it's one big space inside now - not an issue for me. 

    However, I find the chest and waist straps rub my tshirts quite badly to the point of ruining them.  I have the straps as tight as they go else it all moves around too much, I think the straps would be too loose for anyone smaller (5ft11, 70kg). It's also useless when it rains. 

    I tried another smaller bag in the summer but the straps were wider and irritated my neck where it rubbed.

    For the bargain price its great. I've been looking at the Deuter speedlight and racepack as alternatives but I expect they would rub and wear away my tshirts in the same way. Probably isn't a solution to that.


  • Hi Guys. I use the bergaus limpet. Its perfect and is really comfortable when running..

  • The karrimor urban 30 is comfortable to run with but I can't decide whether it is good value for money at £15 from sportsdirect principally because I've gone through three in less than a year. Its biggest fault is that it catches the fabric that covers the zip and frays easily. A design fault which surely could be easily resolved. 

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