Think I lost my mojo

Ok, started C25K a while ago, all great on week 8. Then I had to take a week off due to illness (horrible chest infection). went back out Wednesday managed W8R2 fine, very pleased with myself as I had thought I would lose fitness.

But...went out this morning, no relapse or anything to do W8R3 and I just couldn't, before I knew it i had stopped running. I had to keep stopping and take walk breaks I am so disheartened. looking at times it's not actually caused a huge issue as I was out for 28 mins with a pace of 12.03 and a distance of 2.32 miles whereas previous W8 efforts have been 2.40 miles at 11.40 pace. Ok I know I'm not the fastest person in the world but I was really pleased with myself until today.

I am so disappointed in myself, have I lost fitness, do I need to start from scratch again, have I done too much too soon????

Any advice gratefully welcomed


  • Don't worry!!

    We all have the odd bad day where our runs are awful. you just plan your best to try to avoid it being an actual race day and have it in a training run image


    Maybe as you have yet to finish the C25K you should just step back  a week rather then carry on where you were, try week 7 again. It might be without realising it you are slightly intimiated and so just need a slightly gentler week to get back into the flow of running. Most peope if coming back even from a week off try to gently ease themselves back in. 

    So the essentials are don't panic, we all have stinky runs, where we feel crap, our legs are heavy and we end up walking or just sulking and going home in a huff. The important thing is to just forget about it.  If you think you are happy on Week 8 just do it again another day or just skip to the next run on it's normal day, or if you feel it might help just drop back a week, but don't let it get to you. It's just an off day it happens to all of us.

  • I agree with booktrunk.

    When I've had a week off its always harder to get back into it. The trick is to mentally understand that, and learn that its OK - it happens to everyone (Except maybe the elites and quicker/fitter runners).

    Just repeat week 7 (Or even 6) and build back up from there. Nothing to be disheartened about at all. You are still doing more than those sat on their arses watching TV image

  • Just get back out there.

    I have had runs when I planned on doing 10km in training and I stopped after 3km as I simply wasn't "feeling it". It happens, perhaps one in 10 runs, but most of the time, you can simply run through it, then you get the very occasional "oh sod it, I can't be bothered" and you walk home.

    Good luck on Wk 9 image

  • You don't lose fitness in just a week - we all have off days and after illness you'll feel sub-par for a while.  It'll pick up again - remember it's a long game, getting fitter.  You can't get fit in a week or two, but neither can you really lose it in that short time-frame.

  • Thank you all for your support. Ok well I went out today (was supposed to yesterday but couldn't). Well I had a late night last night and a glass of wine to watch Homeland (well you have to don't you?) set alarm for 6.00 and wasn't too optimistic. But I went out and decided to try a W8 run again and I did it!!!! Not only that but I did 28 mins at a pace of 11.22 which is my best yet and 2.46 miles and felt like I probably could have done more!

    I am so pleased, I know it's not fantastic but it is for me. W9 next!

  • That is fantastic image Brilliant. See you just have the odd bad day,

    I was where you are now in June 2012. It's amazing what you can do if you just keep on plodding.

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