So I decided to lose weight...

Hi, newbie here so please be gentleimage Basically, I am 36 5ft9 and was borderline 17st in October last year.. Went to a family wedding and the photos shocked me. So, decided to get real and at the start of the year set myself some targets. Started by changing my diet, cutting back on fried and takeaway foods and replacing with veg and chicken with lamb. Cut back on redbull and 7 up, crisps etc. Joined a local gym in May and was shocked at how bad I was.. I mean I could barely do 3 minutes on the cross trainer, 5 mins walking on the treadmill and maybe 2 mins on the rowing machine. Got a little more confident and mid June started to feel better and upper the anti a little. Started to run at 5 minute intervals which then moved to 15 then 20. I then Started to focus on distance and noticed I was completing around 1,5k a session and decided to push myself.. 1.5 became. 2 which became 3 then 4. I'm now running 5k in 29 mins, 1000m on the rowing machine in just over 4 minutes cycling for 15 mins and the cross trainer for 10 minutes. Average session lasts an hour and a half, 650 calories and I've list at least two stone. Feel great and look better but.. Yesterday I noticed I was struggling and for the first time in over a month I struggled to run and had to pause for 20 seconds at 4k.. Also noticed what I can only describe as a electric shock which lasted a second or so in my chest? And felt really tired after I finished. I was tired before I started but was ko'd after. I am cutting back on a lot of food, typical day is cup of green tea with lemon in the morning with a yogurt and a handful of peanuts. Cup of coffee before I workout. Bottle of lucozade sport and water during training. Cup of ovaltine and one round if toast with an egg white, bowl of all bran. Either 4 fish fingers of a tuna lunch and then tea which is either lentils, chicken rice or lamb rotated daily. Now, the twinge in my chest has me worried.. I was prescribed simvistatin to reduce my cholesterol which was around 7.7. Last test was done at. 5.7, my blood pressure has always been fine. I stopped taking the statins at the same time I started training and am about to get a blood test to see if my diet and exercise has controlled this. Should I be worried?


  • Just to add, my resting rate using cardiio on my iphone is around 57-62 and when training my heart rate gores right upto 200 sometimes when sprinting but then down to 160 in a minute. But I average around 160 when cycling.

    I run each 1k as follows:

    .5 @ 9.5 king then for every the to I increase my speed by .5 kmh building upto 12kmh for the last tenth.
  • Any particular reason you stopped taking the statins?  No point being worried by anything until you've found out all the facts - i.e. real medical advice (not on a forum!).  HRs are individual and you can't really tell that much from them (max or min).

  • you need to get to a doctor about the pain in your chest asap I would say - could be muscular but given your history it could be something more serious. Only a doctor can tell you that by examining you. Don't want to make you panic - but if you can see a doctor this weekend (out of hours GP/walk in centre) then do so rather than waiting till Monday.

  • @daeve I've been on and off them for 5 years. When I am in them I feel really lousy and tired and reading up on the muscle wastage side effects is what made me think twice about my diet and lifestyle.

    @mathschick I knowimage I was going in on Monday. I feel fine today but yesterday was the first time I've ever experienced it. Chest feels fine today, I've just done the 7 minute workout on the cardiio app and 500 crunchy and bar a bit of sweat I feel fine...

    I had on the Thursday got a little carried away with the 7 minute workout and my chest was sore after that so I'm thinking muscle.... I've has ECGs in the past which were all clear.
  • Loads of different statins available - some are cheaper and more often prescribed (for NHS economics) - you should, if you haven't already, look into alternative molecules.  It took my mother a long time to find the one that didn't give the side-effects and a swap of GP to one prepared to help find the right one - everyone reacts differently to different ones.  There's an argument that the health of the nation would be significantly improved if we were all on prophylactic statins regardless of current cholesterol levels.

    Always worth getting checked out out with chest pain - I've had it loads, but always turned out to be intercostal cramps - felt like a electric/shock/knife for a second or two - but it might not have been.

  • Will do and thanks.

    I phoned out if hours and after an extensive phone examination the only thing was the initial shock I felt and the tiredness/nauseous feeling I had which I could say I had going in.

    I did touch on the fact I felt dehydrated, I usually drink a lot of water the night before and a large glass an hour or so before I start... My mouth was dry getting off the cross trainer and into my first k my lips were dry which wasn't normal.. I usually get that half way through..

    I think it is muscle, but I'm getting it checked out on Monday as a precaution and will step off for a week until I feel 100%

    Any tips on speeding upimage
  • good to hear you are getting checked out and it is wise not to do any more exercise until you have a seen a dr

    I am not sure what the 7 min cardio thing is you are talking about

    getting quicker is something that comes with time, you will speed up as you lose weight. It is better when running to build up longer slow runs to start with before trying to get any specific speedwork in. 5k in 29 mins is pretty good 

    well done on the weight loss so far, keep focusing on the diet for weight loss

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