Watford half marathon 2014?

Will there be / when is Watford half marathon 2014?



  • Could anyone who has done this before advise me on what type of footwear would be best for this course? I can't quite tell if it is trail or road (or both image).

  • It's almost entirely road. And a few hills. Good luck! image



  • I'm in!

  • Entirely on road - very hilly!! But good fun and a great spring challenge  image

    I run with Massey Ferguson Runners Club and we have the same vests as Watford Joggers, so all the way round I got "well done joggers" - it was a great boost and I didn't have the heart (or energy lol) to correct them.

    Must sign up for it now ......

  • It's a great race.  Done it 3 or 4 times now.  Despite the hills it is a quick course. 

  • Will the runner's world pacing team be there again this year?

  • Current issue of Runner's World, page 34 says yes they will.

  • how many runners take part?

  • 2013: 1703 finishers

    2012: race was cancelled

    2011: 1989

    2010: 1851

    2009: 1957

    Not that I'm the sort of geek who has all my race stats at my finger-tips at all times...

    Going out for a re-recee of the course this Sun so that those hills don't take me by surprise, as they seem to do most years!

  • I did it last year and it is a friendly and well organised event

  • Has anyone had their race pack through yet?

  • I got mine last week. I did sign up via post, not online. Don't know if that makes a difference.

  • I'm not sure Lars - I'll wait a day or two before contacting them.

  • Andy Did you number arrive?

  • Still waiting for my number. Did email organisers on Friday. Had reply saying virtually all race packs had gone out and no doubt mine would arrive in next few days. Not too sure how helpful that is....

  • I know there have been issues with the third party organising the race packs. They sent out the incorrect patch at first, and this delayed things by a few weeks.



  • I rarely train on hills, will this race be a bit of a struggle?

  • From Memory

    Out of the park down hill, then up hill for rest of 1st mile, Then flat-ish for about 2 miles. First incline up grove mill lane, then on to Langlebury lane is flat ish, Old House Lane is 1 mile long with big down and uphill sections. Up Bucks Hill which is a steady incline on to the flat Quick moor Lane, then left onto the gradual fast down hill section into Bottom Lane, The end of this roadmay be wet. Then right again Up a steep Tom's Hill. then Down hill into rouse barn lane. which has one hill but a great down hill and is a fast road. Right and Left into Croxley and Links Way a flat straight road, and onto Gade  Ave is flat. Then up hill past watford tube into the park for for 500m up hill and a 400m dash down to the finish


    tl;dr yes it is hilly. 1st half up 2nd half down



  • Race pack has arrived. In time - just
  • Good news. Have a good race 

  • Thanks rt150
  • Hi all, where is the best place to park, not really been to Watford often.


  • parking quite straightforward. i usually park on the road you run down after going round the park

  • Or use the public car parks around the library


  • Thanks for the parking tips, Jimmy don't suppose you know the name of that road........not to worry if you don't I will find the library

  • There is also a handy multi-storey car park just across the road from Cassiobury Park - Gade Car Park http://en.parkopedia.co.uk/parking/carpark/harlequin_gade_car_park/wd18/watford/ (although that used to be more even convenient when the HQ was in the Town Hall)

  • Cheers Oranj, that is where I am headed!


  • be aware watford are playing brighton at 3pm. shouldnt really affect those racing but parking wardens probably more vigilant 

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