Is MK or Stratford a better PB potential?

Hi there,

I'm considering these two for a spring marathon. Anyone who has done them both and could say which one offers more chance of a PB??




  • MK is oretty flat but a lot of tight turns going around all the underpasses, breaks your rhythm quite a lot. 

    Fine for me as I'm slow, but for a speed merchant it might be bloody annoying. Also quite crowded in places, as the red route is quite narrow.

  • That's exactly what I gathered from online info but I think the Shakespeare marathon is slightly hillier. Let's see if someone else has more detailsimage

  • Hi VA

    Shakespeare does have a couple of hills, but they are done and dusted before you get to the 20 mile mark if that makes any difference.  (Actually it's the same hill, at approx 7 and 18 miles, and has a good stretch of downhill straight afterwards to recover).  Then its flat all the way home which, for me at least, reduces the risk of blowing up in the last few miles and missing the PB.  Plenty of room to run.

    I havent done MK though so can't really compare the two, sorry!

  • Yes, senor spam, that's what I thought: at least not at the crucial stages so should always allow for a PB if you have properly donne hilly training. I still have decide. Stratford should also be a nice place to visit, it's cheaper to get there for me and hotels also have better deals. Although, on the other hand, I have friends in MK. 

  • llanelli is greta PB course around the same time image


  • I know. But I will only be able to start training in the second week of January and that's why I was considering Shakespeare or MK. Those are also the best weeks for me to do a marathon cause just after I have other things on... Wanting too much, I know. Any other suggestions of other English marathons either on 27th April or 4th May?

  • Might not be any use, but here is the profile for MK from my Garmin From this year.

    i think it got confused with all the underpasses so said the elevation was way to much, but you can see the profile if you click on player in the top right hand corner. (Yes I'm slow).image


    maybe someone else can do the same for your other event of choice. 

  • Thanks, bootrunk. To be honest, it looks ok and I think that if you incorporate hilly routes into your training then MK has got PB potential. It might well be my final choice...

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