Unable to quote or edit posts!

Is RW just picking on me? as well as the inabilty to quote/edit posts I don't get email notifications of replies to posts and when I click on peep's profiles am oft taken to random pages.

Trying to be active on here is (much) harder than trying to run!


  • Its not just you. If its any consolation they broken this on other forums as well. Dont worry Ben will be along at xmas to tell you they are looking into it.

  • Txs Mr A, nice to know I'm not alone and that Ben might be along sometime image

    RW is a lot like my running, slow, often doesn't work and raises my heart rate with the added stress to my life!

  • Can we have the Edit Facility back Ben?


  • Mr A thinks Ben will be along Christmas time image

  • lol, Ben was on today, he did say in his own words that quote and edit were the top priority to get fixed, so we'll see.

    Funnily enough I could fix it myself, but alas I dont work there, so we'll see how quick they get it done.


  • lol Mr A, should we open a book on it? however, mi tiping isnt sow bad I kneed the edit buton, wood prefur to have email notifikationes of knew posts image

  • Well if it helps Ben out.

    - output each post with a quote button. Clicking the quote button fires a jQuery function (since they are using the jQuery library, but you could use native Javascript if they wished) which then pushes the content of that post into a variable.

    Upon clicking the 'quote' button, this fires the click event (.on 'click') which in turn would fire a function that  takes the content of that button and pushes the content into #tinymce (thats the text box you see with the fancy icons just at the top) and then wrap that content in a unique tag (ie [[quote) which you then convert server side into a div which contains a class which has a style attached to it to make it obvious its a quote (ie border along with a different background).

    You wouldnt even need to 'fix' the existing tinymce script, just run a script that supercedes it and you can create your own 'quote' script.

    Job done. We're probably talking 20 minutes tops to knock this up.

    Funnily enough I could give you a complete demonstration on here, but you know what its like, you do one little thing and everyone gets in all a tizz, so I'll sit this one out and wait ...... sigh....


  • Mr A, could you maybe post that in the thread Ben is following?

  • All sounds good Mr A but my guess is that RW is run via a template (Ben?) and one of the uprades messed with the existing script with leads me to think that no testing was done prior to implementation image

    I spent 10 years as a Software Release Manager for a Major Insurance Company and the amount of 'quick fixes' that broke other stuff defied belief.

  • for sure its templated, because they use the same software for BBC's Gardeners World forums which they also run, and their quotes are down as well. (Im not a gardener, just looked up a couple of their other forums to see if the problem was just us or a general one).


  • Ooh, Mr Titchmarsh will be mighty peeved then!

    TBH I can live without quotes/edits but my biggest issue is getting to the latest post in a thread and receiving email notifications.

  • Well I couldnt do anything about email notifications since thats all backend, but to get to the latest post would be easy to do as well. In fact if you were using Firefox as your main browser and you had the 'greasemonkey' addon, I could knock up a script in a few minutes to sort that out. Essentially you know that there are 20 posts per page, and that all pages are listed with its unique number then a hyphen, then the page (so a thread with 47 posts, the last page would be XXXXX-3.html ...... and because the total number of posts is visible, you just have a script that 'fixes' the green arrow's link by reading the number of posts/20, if there is a remainder, always round up and then just dynamically change the link with the script to the correct one.

    Ive already got a script running just for me so that when I hover over a link it shows me the last post (ie the entire post that the person made) in a box above the link so I dont have to click on the link to read it........ (that was based on a bit of AJAX I was doing for the site I was working on at the time but easily transferable for this forum, so I put it into my own greasemonkey script so that it makes it easier for me to follow the forum). Shame they dont do it on this forum themselves, as its a bit of a time saver not having to click into every link to see what the last post made was.




  • Ah, FF and greasemonkey, a nice pairing but I left FF (on the laptop) for Chrome. Have a couple of cool addons for a photography site I dabble on on the PC.

    Maybe Ben should have a word with youimage

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Where's Dave Falconer (3) when you need him?image

  • Do any of you IT bods speak English??

    (I would of quoted an example of the gobbledegook but obviously I can't...).

  • lol Peter....... ok in laymans speak.

    The quote button is the easiest problem to fix, thats because nothing complicated is going on (relatively). When you click the button, all that is happening, is that the program says, the post that belongs to this button, make a note of its content.

    Then when you click the double quotes button to paste the quote, it says 'Get the content that you made a note of earlier and paste it into the textbox.'

    Thats all it does. It also adds an extra wrapper around it which gives it those borders you see around quotes and the different background so that it stands out.

    So there is nothing complex about quotes. Click on it, program says 'Ahh you want me to remember the content here'. Then you click on the paste button, and it says 'Ahhh you want me to paste the content I remembered earlier into the textbox.'

  • I'm more of a hammer and screwdriver kind of person! But I have a better idea now so thanks. I'd reckon though that we won't be in 2013 when this gets fixed along with the email notifications. Funny thing is there was a brief period when they started up but now they've stopped again.

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