4 marathons, 8 days

Anyone out there running the following:

Beachy Head marathon....Oct 26
Snowdon marathon........Oct 27
Dublin marathon.........Oct 28

New York.................Nov 3
Will have support out there for this one. Although they may be picking me up off the floor.

Would be nice to meet a friendly face at more than one of these races.
Fastest time to date is London 2002 with 4 hours 12. So not a boy racer but a definite finisher.



  • Are you really a beginner??
  • Please don't post this extremely impressive stuff on the beginners site. If you consider yourself a beginner what should I call myself? And then, what should I have called myself two years ago when I could only run for 3 minutes???
  • Derek, you might find the thread on training more suited to your post, this thread is for beginner runners really
    Annemieke, you are a runner, however slow or fast
  • Apologies...not quite sure how the site works. May have being better on the training area as suggested.

    Not quite a beginner, and not trying to impress anyone. I just set myself certain challenges to ensure I actually get out and do something.
    My training is unorthodox to say the least.
    Anyone wishing to run with me at any of the events please drop me a note.

  • Don't get me wrong, I am genuinly (misspelled that didn't I?) impressed.

    I also set myself certain challenges but they are more like running my first 15k and I have been running for 2 years now. Sometimes it is just a bit dicouraging when you are struggling to make it through your first race and other so called beginners run marathons. But maybe I shouldn't feel that way.

    Anyway good luck with you marathons, your training may be unorthodox, but if it gets your through 4 marathons there must be something you are doing right!!! What's you secret?

    Try posting your message on the events site if you are looking for someone to run with.

    Good luck,

  • Ill look for you in the training forum
    Am intrigued by unorthodox methods
  • Derek

    I've run 18 Marathons in 8 years - you are definitely MAD!!

    All the best
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