Inguinal Hernia - Anyone got any experience?

Have any of you been through a hernia repair?

I'm going in to have an inguinal hernia repaired in early November and would like to know just how much this is going to affect my training. Is it realistic to only expect to have two weeks out from running or am I looking at longer?

I've got a half marathon in February so don't want too much of a break.........and I g kinda nuts when I can't run! image


  • My boyfriend had an inguinal hernia operation 2 years ago, also in November. It knocked him much more than he expected and he was very bruised (literally black and blue) around his thigh and lower abdomen (including areas he wouldn't want mentioned on a public forum!) and although he was in and out of hospital on the same day, he had difficulty walking for several days after.

    He also had to be careful about getting the stitches wet, so baths were out of the question, and showers were very strategic! Even if you managed to run after 2 weeks, the sweat and showering wouldn't be good for the stitches.

    The only enjoyable thing about the operation is that the hospital sent out nurses every 2 days to change the dressing, much to my boyfriend's delight (we lived in France at the time, I doubt the NHS budget would stretch to this!).

    I would just take it day by day, the anaesthetic will knock you about a bit as well.

    Good luck!

  • I agree. Mine was extremely painful for weeks. Sorry.

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Yup, what the others say.  Hubby had one done last year, and he was sore for about 4 weeks - and that was with keyhole.  Also was told not to lift anything for 6 weeks, so running might be inadvisable.  He's not a runner (or terribly fit) so that might be in your favour.

    However, it does depend on the size of the hernia - best bet is to ask the surgeon after the op to see how it went and his opinion of what you can do and when.

  • Sorry to sound like a "doom monger" but totally agree with the others it bloody hurts. Heard keyhole was longer to recover from and more chance of recurring but not so sure .Keep away from comedy "It only hurts when I laugh" is so true .You will know two/three weeks after your op. how your recovery is going but really ease yourself back in to running .On the positive side I was told the fitter you are the better your body would knit back and I kept the freebie support tights from the hospital they are brilliant for compression ,home use only (to much information I'm sorry)

    Good luck     


  • I agree with the others too. Had my inguinal hernia repaired last May, and it blimmin, blimmin hurt for at least a couple of weeks. I went back to running too soon (3 weeks?), but on the up-side ran my first post-op 10k end of July and got 10k and 1/2M pbs in November. I can still feel it to this day though (somedays it feels like they left a scalpel in there!). But the OP's good (go for the general anaesthetic if poss!) and they give you a sack load of drugs to take home image and you get a couple of weeks off work and people visit you with cake and ginger biscuits, so it's all good!

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