Does Central Scotland not run?


I have just checked the events search for any future races in the Strathclyde area and there is not a single race for any distance at all.
I can only find races for the borders and highlands areas which is difficult for me to reach due to work and other commitments.
Do I have to wait until next years East Kilbride and Glasgow half marathons to come up in July and August before I can test myself in a race?

Or is there races out there?



  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Try - there is a race calendar in there which lists a lot of the Scottish races not advertised elsewhere.

  • HI, I stay in central SCOTLAND to I agree not a lot of runs in our area ,but DUNDEE is haveing a 10k 0n the 3rd of NOVEMBER and FORT WILLIAM is having a half marathon on the same day cant decide which to do.
  • I come from Strathclyde. Lazy gits in that neck of the woods. No wonder they're all dropping from heart disease.

    The lack of races up there bothers me too because I'd love to be able to combine races with visits to the family.
  • Hi Guys,

    Theres actually a great variety of races in Central Scotland. Some of these you may like.

    1) Round the Houses Grangemouth 10K (16 Feb, TBC)
    2) Alloa Half-Marathon (late March)
    3) Diet Coke East Kilbride 1/2 Mar (June)
    4) Hugh Wilson Memorial 10K (East Kilbride, early December)
    5) Tom Scott Memorial 10 (Law - Motherwell, early April)
    6) BP Linlithgow 10K (Late September)
    7) City of Stirling 10K (Mid September)
    8) Helensburgh Half-Marathon (early Aug)
    9) Helensburgh 10K (Late May)
    10) Stathcarron Hospice Denny 10K (early October)
    11) Troon 10K (early May)
    12) Clydebank 10K (late May)
    13) Dumbarton 10K (early June)
    14) Carluke 10K (early June)
    15) Monklands Half-Marathon (Coatbridge, Mid May).

    I can also think of a lot more.

    So guys, enjoy your running
  • Thanks everyone.
    By the looks of things there are races out there, it is just the problem of trying to track them down.
    I think a lot of people in Glasgow area have the same problem. As the only time you see a high number of people out running is in the lead up to the Great Scottish Run.
    Afteewards the streets are deserted.
  • I found quite a number of events on the SAC website which weren't publicised elsewhere - great events like the City of Stirling 10K (15/9), Linlithgow 10K (29/9), Arbroath 10K (6/10) in addition to the Edinburgh City Challenge (22/9)- great events as I managed successive personal bests at all of them. The south east of Scotland is particularly badly served for races - nothing now until Cupar in march 2003. There are many more events in the north and the west. Any ideas, anyone - and no - I'm not volunteering to organise an event, although if someone else would I would help.
  • There are plenty of CC runs and road relay races(if you can get a team together) in central Scotland over the winter also plenty of 5 milers 10k's and in march the half marathons will start again so there are plenty of races out there they are usually all listed in the SAF book
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