Fairly New Runner Here!

I have just joined Runner's World UK so thought I would say hello to others who are new to this too!

I have started to take up running as a more serious thing for me to do. I have ran 2 5k Race for Life races and that is it. I have always been interested in running and now currently looking for upcoming events in the Derbyshire area. image 

If anyone has any advice or tips it would be very much appreciated. image

Thank you! 


  • Hello and good luckimage

    weekly park runs on Satur day mornings are good, free and you get to see if you can move up the rankings at your local event.

    if you haven't ran further and want to, the NHS c25k has a beyond 5k page that helps get runners Upto 10k

    best thing is time on your feet in training is more important then speed, get used to being out just plodding along and it will help long term.

    leicester marathon next weekend, but I think that's rather short noticeimage

    at the top of the page you can click in events to find some coming up. Also google 5k or 10k and your location is a decent way of finding some other upcoming events. 

  • focusing in time on your feet not speed. 

    so you are better off going slower but plodding along for longer, it really helps to build your stamina. When you sign up for events you might want then to start looking at adding a speed session once a week and various tweaks, but when you are starting out, just being able to plod along for a reasonable amount of time is great.

  • Once you've done a few events, you find it easier to judge your effort, at first it's definitely better to keep it steady. Whatever events you enter don't expect to turn into Paula Radcliffe on the day but be proud of the work you've put in to do it and enjoy yourself. Good luck.

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