Destination Basingstoke Half Marathon

Ran this today,enjoyed it but spoiled a bit by quite a lot of runners having music on loudly,despite the fact music was banned. Marshalls need to either take the action and disqualify as was said at the start or let headphones be worn. I would have liked to listen to my music not others. Despite this its a good race and local support is good,plenty of loos and no queing


  • I was marshalling at this event and this is the first time that I was aware that music was banned.

    The only music I heard was from the guy who was dressed as Elvis but it wasn't that loud.

    I suppose if you were just behind or in front of Elvis then it might have been really annoying after 13 miles or so.

    I'll raise the issue at the feedback meeting. Hope it didn't spoil your race too much.

  • Elvis I can live with. No the runners concerned were various groups of girls, and it says quite clearly on the rules about headphones which is the same for nearly all races,but if its not policed,whats the point in saying it,thats what I mean.

    Did you enjoy your first time? Quite a few runners ended up in the ambulances,mind you it was hot.

  • RS,


    I was marshalling at the event, we had a few withdraws but no more than I would expect at an event of this size and St John is always a precaution; the first aiders also like the opportunity to light up the "blues and twos" which makes it more dramatic than it really is.

    I personally don't run with music, though, given that this race is on closed roads, I wouldn't have a problem with headphones; but I'm not the organiser and I don't want to open that can of worms.

    As with all of these type of issues one persons chalk is another one's cheese.

    Hope to see you next year.

  • I also ran the Basingstoke Half and have to say there were quite a few people wearing headphone further back in the field. I did not personally witness any loud music as previously described. I thought the marshalling was excellent and support out on the course superb even at the further reaching points on the course. What I didn't appreciate which was out of the control of the event organisers was the family sat at the end of their garden enjoying what looked a very tempting drop of vino! This sort of behaviour should be outlawed it endures uncontrollable jealous and dribbling from competitors! 


    All in all a fantastic course but perhaps as a comprimise it should be perhaps those runners who are not aiming for sub 2 hours some other time cut off can be permitted to wear headphones? Would that work I don't know? But I've been to numerous events where headphones are not permitted yet some runners will always flout these rules!

  • Hi Guys,

    Just to say that I attended our formal Basingstoke Half Marathon feedback session today and the event will be looking at the whole issue of headphones and music for next year.

    Whatever the organiser's decision, I'm only involved with organising the marshalls, it will be well communicated prior to the event.

    Hope to see you all again next year at Cliddesden.



  • Piers,

    I shall be there. Great race, ran the Tadley 10 to try and keep the post race blues away but I still longed for the crippling pain of the Big Dipper! I think compromise is the way forward with headphones. Serious runners don't really like to wear them, in my meagre 1:37 finish bracket I didn't see anyone wearing them but I can understand why some who is perhaps on the road for 2-2.5 hours would want to, it's lonely in them hills.

    All round great effort and I'm still buzzing thank you all for that
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