St David's Hospice Care City of Newport Half Marathon

anyone signed up for this yet?


  • not yet.....I was ill thisyear and so missed it......would like to do it this year


  • I'm definitely interested in this one but can't seem to find any reviews on it from last year. Anyone know how it went? Also, what's the cost of entry? I was looking at Llanelli on the same day but this one is only 30 minutes from my house...

  • i'm reg for llanelli same day ... supposidly but i have had no confirmation and cant get any response for emails nor phone calls so may cut my loss and do this one as nearer home and St Davids is Hospice is very personal to me

  • .... and the llanelli one seems to have disappeared off here too

  • same day.oh dear.that means decsions.will depend on how my running is going probably


  • I wanted to enter Llanelli as its much closer to me than Newport but as it stands I am not sure which one of these I am doing now. I will look for some reviews if I can find any, see what others have said.

  • I did this last year. Would run again. Well organised, nice goodie bag. Pretty flat too. It was totally freezing last year but you can't do much about the weather!!

  • I did last years and thought it was really well organized, hope its still the case as they have upped the entries to 3000.

  • I did last year & it is very well organised but there were only a relativey small number of runners to deal with, I wouldn't say it was a pb course though unless you run in the first pen as its out & back on very narrow cycle paths which are open to the public so you are having to run around dog walkers/spectators & in some places I had to completely stop to let the faster runners through gate cycle gate things, no road closures & running over decking across lakes. It was picturesque, I did enjoy it but not enough to enter again & shallow as I am it did annoy me that there was no medal.. image 

  • was going too add that it's probably a gd marathon training race but if its your first half & you'd like the atmosphere/pomp of a huge event then this is not the race for you, though give it 5/10 years to grow & for the council /police to sort out road closures & it'll prob be ace.

  • I couldn't do it last year due to injury. Am looking forward to running in my home town this year. 

    My friend said it was a good course last year. This year will be different, looking forward to finishing in Rodney Parade.

  • I'm hearing information that the route is changing for this year? Anyone know what this is yet? I've had a look at the website but nothing on there. Hopefully it's nice and flat as I fancy a stab at a PB before I head off to do London in April...

  • Arrrggghhhhhh seems registration is now closed image I really wanted to do it this year booooo

  • Has anyone by chance entered this and is unable to do it ? If so i would be willing to buy their entry off them.

  • Any news how to enter, I'm suprised they have closed entry all ready

  • Run the course the weekend before last & put together the following info for the local newspaper. The narrow parts of last years course have been altered & a loop added at the Caerleon end, this should spread the runners out more on the out & back section of the cycle path.   From the start at Rodney Parade the race heads down Rodney Road & turns left around the Taylor Wimpey sales office & onto the Riverfron t Path. Quite a tight bend & fairly narrow access onto the Riverfront Path, once on the path there is plenty of space. Follow the path all the way down to the end & bear left to onto Corporation Road (opposite B&Q) & then turn right & follow the path towards the SDR Bridge, the course this far is completely flat & quite sheltered. Head over the SDR bridge (short uphill section & quite exposed to wind), as you come off the bridge turn right & right again into East Docks Road & head through the houses until you reach the Riverfront Path. Turn right & under the SDR bridge & follow the new pathway around the park area & back under the SDR bridge (runners in both directions for about 100M), the first part of this section is fairly narrow but opens out to a good size path around the park. Follow the Riverside Path up past the Riverfront Theatre (take care as there are bollards around the end of the building) carry on up past the wave, through the underpass & over the pedestrian bridge, go past the front of the old Sainsbury's building & turn right into Wyndham Street & follow the road around until you reach Lyne Road. At Lyne Road turn right & right again into Albany Street & carry straight on past the back of the new Sainsbury's onto the cycle path. The route from the SDR bridge to the cycle path is flat & fairly sheltered all the way. This section is a great improvement on last year where the route went down the narrow uneven path at the back of the old Sainsbury's. Head up the cycle path towards Caerleon, the first section is flat & then slightly uphill with a short steep climb & descent at about 500M, the rest up to Pillmawr Road is slightly uphill. The short section on Pillmawr Road is about 100M downhill & 200M uphill. On entering the Caerleon section of the cycle path the course heads downhill & then flat for about 1500M, the final 400M is slightly uphill. At the top of the hill you enter St Cadoc's hospital grounds & exit through the gates onto Lodge Road. Turn right & head downhill over the railway bridge as far as the Caerleon one way system & turn right, go past Caerleon Endowed School & turn right & right again after 200M up past the Roman Barracks & at the top of the path turn right onto Cold Bath Road. Turn left just before the car park & follow the road back onto the cycle path, this section of the course is completely flat with a very short hill to the footbridge (take care as you leave Cold Bath Road as there are speed bumps in the road). As you cross the railway footbridge & turn left the route is the same as you came out on except the uphills will now be downhills !, be aware of other runners heading in the opposite direction as you may have to give way at some of the cycle path gates. As you enter the city centre via the underpass & head down the Riverfront Path you turn left over the river footbridge onto the Rodney Road side of the river, turn left along the Riverfront Path & right at the Taylor  Wimpey sales office & right again into Rodney Road. Head into Rodney Parade & finish with just over 1 lap of the stadium.   The course runs well & should be quite fast, there are a few twists & turns but no serious hills, just hope for good running weather.
  • Great Reccy Peter... I'm no expert on Newport geography but that puts my mind at rest with what sounds like a reasonably flat and fast course. I'm hoping to have a right old bash at my 5 year old PB so fingers crossed we get decent weather too...

  • Rain at 10am on Sunday, so got to go for a pb.

    Coming up from Somerset for the first time so looking forward to the race.

  • Ran this race yesterday and got a PB of 1:38. Really please with that. The course was well marshaled, the major downfall was the start and finish line. Pot holes everywhere and when you crossed the line you ran straight into a bog and massive pot holes. Not good. Last years venue was much better.   

  • Positives: Excellent, friendly support

                     No hills!

                     Nice T-shirt

                     Ample drinks stations

                     Fast course

                     and as Paul said super marshalling


    Thankyou and well done to all concerned

  • well organised race.great marshalling..enjoyed the worried that it would be too busy but didn't have a problem the entire route,.....

    the finish wasn't the best with all the digging going on there.......I measured it long which nearly scupperred my PB but managed to keep strong and get a shiny new PB..#


    would recommend to all......

  • Not a good day for me, was hoping for a PB and was on for that with my garmin telling me my average pace was well inside PB pace. That was until I got to the stadium and didn't realise there was another lap, garmin was already saying 13.1x. Threw the kitchen sink at reaching the blue finish line and had nothing left in tank only to be told there was a 2nd lap so had to run and walk to finish. Very disappointing as I was really looking forward to this. Finished outside PB by 2 minutes in the end, not bad though as it was my 2nd fastest half in 8 attempts...

    Note to self..

    1. Check finish criteria before start.

    2. Don't rely on Garmin for distance (clocked 13.36). Which I don't normally but I only saw one marker saying 6 miles left so had nothing else to go on.

    On a positive the Marshall's we're fantastic and the crowd support in city centre was excellent. Think I would do it again though and good prep for VLM in April...
  • My Garmin clocked it at 13.25 (and I forgot to stop it when I finished the race), both Cardiff Halfs that I've run were longer than that for me.

    I thought it was a great race though, with fantastic marshaling and would definitely consider doing it again.

  • Mine made it 13.14 so I was pretty pleased with that. It was the .14 that did for me though. Thought if I ran und 8.30 throughout I would break 1:50. Knew about the last little bit but disregarded it thinking 'oh i'll just sprint that to get under'. Silly mistake of course because by thenit's too late.Did 1.51.03 and kicking myself because I could easily have made that up on some of those lovely downhill stretches when I was consciously holing myself back. Never mind enjoyed the race.

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