Help!! I have been ill

Hi fellow rrunners

i need some advice, I have been training for a 10k run next weekend (10th October) but two weeks ago have been ill with flu and sinusitis which has meant no training. 

I now face my first ever 10k and feel out of shape. I managed 6k yesterday but it was slow and hard going, does anyone have any advice for me to maximise my chances of completion on the day? The furthest I have ever run is 9k

fingers crossed......



  • You can take 2 weeks off without any significant de training effect.

    Make sure you are full recovered and take it very easy this week. All you can do is make sure you're ready to go. If you push too much this week you'll overcook it.

    If you have trained to 9k then race day will bring you the extra 1k.
  • Perfect you are having a great taperimage

    just relax, have a short jog tuesday and maybe Thursday but relax and just think positive thoughtsimage

  • Make sure you are 100% recovered. Last race I ran, I wasn't, but fortunately the portaloos were perfectly spaced out 3 miles apart.  Just lower your expectations a little if you were hoping for a specific time.

  • Paul I ran my first half marathon today, and due to illness and niggles was reduced to easy running only for the last 4 weeks, this had quite a significant effect on my performance I felt.

    Maybe you will get away with 3 weeks , but I would suggest lowering your targets slightly and make sure you get round comfotably. I wouldnt wish my last 3 miles on anyone!

  • Hi Paul

    I did a marathon yesterday and had similar illness issues leading up to it....dont focus on a time, just focus on getting yourself round comfortably! hopefully the weather will be ideal, the other runners will prob all be as nervous as you and it'll turn out to be great!


  • Excitingimage

  • Yes, then a marathon, then a 50m ultra and maybe finish with a 100M ultra... Then again maybe not image

    Do what you want.

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