Garmin 610 charging issues

When the 610 was first launched, there was an issue with the charging the unit, as detailed below:

I believe this was apparently solved by a firmware update. I'm having the exact same problems now, watch is only a few months old. Initially it shut down. I followed the master reset instructions (took a few attempts as there was barely any juice). After a lot of faffing around, I went to bed with 60% battery last night, up at 05:00 for my run and lo and behold, the battery went flat when "locating satellites". Plugged it in when I got home, and it displayed 45% battery charge, but is now reverse charging.

Laptop or wall mount, it is reverse charging. Anybody else recently had the issue? The forum search above dates back a couple of years...


  • Mine has had the reverse charging issues at various times and even on occasion just refused to take any charge. In my case the problem seem to be caused by a poor connection between the cradle and the watch. Have a look at the cradle and at the watch and check the metal parts are clean and unobstructed.

    People online have suggested various ways of keeping them clean, personally I just quickly swish the back of the watch under a tap after every run to rinse any sweat out, this has pretty much 'solved' the problem for me.

  • Hi. alex

    I have a 610 love it but occasionally it doesn't want to charge and is really fussy on it's charger, With me I think it's down to dirt / sweat.  I'm quite a sweaty / salty runner and I find i have to clean the connection on the watch and dock, I use a pin to dig out any crap around the connector on the back of the watch and then use a tissue dabbed in white spirits to wipe the connectors clean.

    Find i'm doing this every two or three months.

  • I haven't had the reverse charging issue but I was having mega problems with the battery simply not lasting as long as it should do - making me believe that it wasn't receiving or retaining charge properly.

    Either way, it was still in warranty and I must say Garmin were excellent. No quibble they got me to send mine into them and sent me a new one. All in all only took six days from sending mine in to receiving a new one.

    If your watch is in warranty, get straight onto them. Even if it isn't, they should try and help you any way they can.

    Good lucj

  • Thanks for the replies guys. It seems to have sorted itself out the last week or so, but anymore issues it will be going back.

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