Insane Blister under toenail and toenail bed

Hello! I completed my first marathon yesterday! (Woo!). I have a few blisters but one which I'm not sure what to do about. It's on my 2nd to little toe. The blister has formed underneath the toe nail bed and has pushed the nail from under the skin to the surface. About half if the nail is under the skin and then half is secured as normal. It looks as if the toe nail snapped underneath and has risen up. I have drained it twice and it just re inflates. Should I see a doctor about this one? It doesn't hurt at all. Thank you for your help! Becks x


  • No, just keep drainng it. It will dry out and probably fall off eventually.

  • Don't go to the Doctor, if you going to go anywhere to have it checked go to a podiatrist of foot health  practitioner, I really dont like to comment on foot problems over the Internet with out seeing the patient, but just keep an eye on it Ito make sure there's no sign of infection, if there's no change after a week it might be worth having it looked at or like I said if it becomes infected.

  • I had the same thing. The blisters are likely to go down, then the nail may turn black, and may fall off (after last marathon look about 6-8 weeks to lose the nails!) 


    i agree with the others, would not see anyone unless there are signs of infection.

  • PS - it's better if you do lose the nail. Growing but damaged is painful for a long time, take it from me. 

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