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Hi, My name is Lucy and I am 20 years old, I used to run and raced (slowly!) up to 10km a couple of years ago, but with work and uni I stopped. I re-started running a few weeks ago and yesterday did 5km in 36.32. My aim is to run marathons (with thoughts of an ironman in my day when I learn to swim properly).

Just thought I would post to say hi, and hopefully the chat on here will help me carry on running image


  • Hello Lucy/Elljem welcome to the madhouse image


  • Hello! I was in a similar situation as you - fit as a fiddle during school but while at university socialising (and a little bit of work) got in the way of any sport. I got back into running in my last year and have kept it up since (6 years). I did the Three Peaks Challenge with a group of incredibly fit xc runners the summer I left university which was great motivation to reakky get fit and I've done a couple of half marathons since. I also run with a friend and our dogs once a week (I only run offroad, which is more fun in my opinion), which is great motivation when you'd rather curl up on the couch instead! My advice would be to take it slow and keep it fun. Good luck!

  • Hi Lucy and Canarie, 

    I was in a similar situation e.g. really fit throughout my teenage years into my early twenties before the whirlwind of London living really left me pretty out of shape. I am back on the road to rediscovering the decent runner I used to be. Lucy my advice is to take it nice and slowly, listening to your body and set little goals. 

    I have a little blog which is helping me document my training and connect with other runners. 

    Lucy have you signed up to do a parkrun yet? 

  • Thank you, I did a short run with a friend last night, had an ache in my groin though, which is still there today so having a day or two off. I dont want to get injured, used to get shin splints whenever I ran after not running for a bit, but managed not to so far image 

    There are no Parkruns in my area (at home in rural Wales or at uni, as I am studying abroad in Kosice- where Europe's oldest marathon was on Sunday image ).

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