Ankle pains

I start running again around a month or so ago.

When I am running I am having some pain in and around my ankle area.  I am wondering; is it something that continuing to run on will sort out in a matter of weeks or is it something I should go and seek medical advice on?

Am starting to wonder about it and am looking for opinions.  Would a gel pad in my running shoe help as my foot goes inward when running causing blisters on my inner foot also.


  • Lot's of possible medicl and equipment causes.. poor fitting/wrong type of shoes, not warming up, etc.

    Have you changed shoe brand, got new ones (same brand), does it happen on hills, flat, downhill?

    If it is very painful, I would certainly try and find the cause before trying to run through the pain - as this may lead to further issues.

  • If a novice runner - who is serious about running AND not getting injured, it is well worth the extra cost and go to a 'proper' running shop who can analyse your gait, etc. They will then suggest a shoe suitable for you.

    I did this about a year ago after guessing what kind of shoe I needed - bad mistake. Blisters, pains, etc. 

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