Stockholm Marathon 2014

Is anybody running Stockholm Marathon in 2014? 


  • I have just signed up. Looking forward to it!

  • I am seriously thinking about it........

  • Yes signed up a few weeks ago
  • I am - will be my first. Have the Copenhagen Half as a warm up 9 weeks before.....

  • Thinking of it - anyone done it before? I'm really wanting a flattish one as I will have just changed age group, and theres half a chance I might be able to get GFA. It's either this or Kent Roadrunner - I know which is the more scenic one!

  • anniesophie: Stockholm is not a flat race. You have to run over a large bridge twice and the section that goes out on the island Djurgården is a bit hilly. I will say Stockholm is a bit on the tougher side when it comes to city marathons. However, it´s a nice and well organized race but it ain´t fast.

  • SS Thanks, that's useful to know - guess it will be too hilly for my old legs.

  • I'm in. Signed up two days ago. Brighton on 6th April, then Stockholm end of May. See you there!
  • I'm in as well along with Mrs L.

    It'll be marathon no. 15 (or thereabouts) for me but it'll be a first one for Mrs L. My plan for the day will depend on how things go at London this year (shooting for sub 3:10).

    Looking forward to it, especially as we'll be coming out a few days before to soak up the sights and sounds of Stockholm for the first time.

  • Ive Signed Up - Aiming For Sub 4 image

  • Only 1 000 places left (out of 21 500) so act fast if you want to do it.

  • Registration closes at midnight today (11 pm UK time) so this is the last chance if somebody is hesitating.

  • im in as well image


  • I'm doing this too. Did Brighton last weekend so need to recover and re-charge for this. Super excited!

  • I thought this was a fantastic marathon. The second time over the bridge was hard work, but the crowds, organisation and finish (what a great stadium) made it the best of the 4 I have done. I thought the second lap could be tedious, but the dog leg that takes you from I think 11 to 17 miles gives some variety before you join the first lap course again. The whole pre race atmosphere was pretty cool also. And the medal was of Olympic proportions. I would put this well up my list of Marathons do do....much better than the crush of Berlin. 


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