Running with water


I have a 2.5L 'wanna be' camelbak I cycle with and I have just got into running but I cannot put up with the sloshing and riding up. My hads get so sweaty and I run with my dog so having my hand free would be good. Has anyone got any tips and preference with what they use and why? I get really thirsty and need to take something with me.


  • You can get rid of the sloshing by sucking the air out - bend forward and suck.

    Personally I prefer bottles, one with plain water and one with water/electrolytes. I also like to have plain water as a means of flushing a wound or eyes out (I usually run on my own off road).

  • Hey Miss N, the only advice I can give would be to get the air out of the (wannabe) camelbak. Once filled turn it upside down (tube at the top) then suck all the air out - stops the sloshing in a (real) camelbak so may work for you too?

    I hate carrying bottles too and find drinking on the run harder with a bottle than bladder.

  • damn you Clive but guess we agree on the sloshing so thats a good thingimage

  • I have a wanna be... I hate it, but on an ultra it was all that kept me going. So I'd ssy use it but only for really long runs, and just use bottles, or a waist belt for shorter distances.

  • BikoBiko ✭✭✭

    I'm not a dog owner but would strapping the water bottle to the dog be seen as cruel?

  • hehe i've seen proper dog panniers... But imagine if you wanted  a drink and the darn do ran off with it and you had to run to catch up

  • I'm a big fan of the Nathan kit. I use a nathan hydration vest for long runs, and can't say I notice it on my back. I've used it for training and raced with it once in an unsupported trail marathon 

  • I agree with also-ran, i did lots of research before buying my nathan hydration vest and having now had it for a year it is superb, comfy, doesnt move about and so useful for storing gels or food in the front pockets so you can easily access them while running. If you run longer distances i would really recommend one

  • Should also have said if you take out the water bladder the bag is a perfect size to fit my work clothes in when i run to work

  • I use a belt with two small bottles clipped to it. Not sure how far you are going however so maybe you need more capacity.

    I hate the idea of carrying a bottle. 

  • WtnMelWtnMel ✭✭✭

    If it's a shortish run I use my 'doughnut' bottle (250ml). On longer runs I have a Hilly waist belt which holds the bottle and has two zip-up pockets for phone etc. I have a (real) Camelback which I bought to use when out walking. Annoyingly, although it has clip thingies top and bottom on each side, I've never managed to track down the strap arrangement they must sell to allow me to strap it on my back when out running as an alternative to the waist belt.

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