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I have been running for about 6 years and I used to enjoy running Half Marathons until about 2 years ago when I hobbled across the line in agony.  The burning pain from my feet was just too much and I have not entered a Half Marathon since.  I have about given up all hope after trying so many things from having the hard skin removed to trying different types of  socks all to no avail.  I went for a 10 mile run this Sunday my first long run for nearly two years.  At about the 9 mile mark the pain started again from my hard skin area on the balls of my feet.

I am now in despair of what to do about this problem. Can anyone please help so that I can enjoy my long runs again.

Many Thanks



  • You have to tackle it little and often John.

    Pumice (or Ped Egg), good soak, moisturise with a proper thick foot moisturiser - and then wear bedsocks overnight - once a week.

    Pedicures aren't just for the girls.

  • I treat a lot of people with this problem, athletes and non athletes, the best way is to go book your self an appointment with a podiatrist, foot health practioner get it all removed and start from fresh.

    With good foot care you should be able to keep on top of it but you will never stop it from completely  coming back so you might have to have them looked at a couple of times a year but you will slow the process down.

    If your going to use foot cream, and its a good place to start make sure it has urea in it, it's good for the feet, a pumice a couple of times a week works well, just be careful with peg eggs and things like that I've seen a number of people who have taken off far to much healthy skin and making a mess of there feet.

    The bed sock thing is a tricky one a tend to try and steer people away from this as hot sweaty feet (especially if the cream you have put on first is not rubbed in well and is forming clumps between the toes) is a breeding ground for fungal and bacterial infections.

  • Thanks very much for the information I will sort out  a podiatrist. I will keep you informed how I get on.image

  • Little and often I agree with, plug up the shower and shower in about three inches of water, 2 mins exfoliating will keep feet in good shape and skin soft, despite the hammering they get running

  • Sorry to butt in here, but I have hard skin on my feet ( not to the degree that it causes me any problems) where my feet get a lot of friction and where they used to blister when I first started running. As a woman this is really quite unattractive although no one except my partner really ever sees my feet and I've long given up caring what he thinks, anyway, I always assumed that it would be better to leave the hard skin as it had built up in order to protect my feet in areas that were getting rubbed when I was running but from reading this I guess it's not the case?
  • Fish pedicure, anyone? image


  • Wilkie wrote (see)

    Fish pedicure, anyone? image


    Impossible. Fish don't have feet.

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