Complications w/ Heat Exhaustion

Wonder if anyone else has come across this before - over the exceptionally hot weather in summer I suffered from heat stroke symptoms whilst running 3 times, the symptoms being my head/brain not colling down when I had stopped running.  It felt like a thermostat in my brain had over heated /stopped working. I think the primary damage (if that's the right word to use) was caused after suffering heat exhaustion the first time but the symptoms were much more severe after the second time and third time where I was in significant (brain) discomfort weeks/months after each (which happened over a 2 month period).  

Have been to my gp - had all the blood usual tests and been referred to an endocrine specialist who arranged an MRI scan on me and did further tests, this time on my pituitory.  These have all come back positive - he can't find anything wrong w/ my brain but I am nevertheless still suffering some heat stroke symtoms - indeed I went out on Saturday in the morning when it was very cool and had to give in less than a mile into the run.  Pre my first heat stroke i was used to running long distances and intensively so very frustrated at the moment.  Any guidance on a specialist in London I can discuss this wd be appreciated.


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