Beginner with knee problems

I started jogging with some friends about 4-5 months ago after many years of no running at all and little physical activity. I am slim of build and about 6ft in height.

The whole experience so far has been rewarding, but also painful.

For the first few months I had pain everywhere after a run but calves were the worst, tight and sore for days. As time has gone on my calves and some other parts have hardened up leaving a niggling but minor foot pain and then my left knee as the main remaining areas.

My left knee continues to give me significant pain and problems, being sore during and after every run, whether its 3 miles or 10 miles, but mostly for 12 - 24h or so after a run.

The pain comes from movement and is located on the left (outer)side, around the base of the joint, about 1 1/2 to 2 inches up from the V of my leg if I crook my leg and run my finger up. Internally I would say its near the skin, not deep, maybe an inch or two inwards but definitely on the outer part not near the middle.
There is no swelling. The area is not painful to the touch.

Any idea of what this could be?. Looking online I see the following listed as common outer knee problems - lateral meniscus tears, LCL injuries, IT band tendonitis, and arthritis - but I cant really place any of them.
I dont think its arthritis as even though I have noticed this before from certain exertions and I think even in the right knee also, its been exceptionally rare and its 99% originating from just the running.

Thanks for your help guys.


  • Mate you need to stop/ reduce your training so it can recover. Try doing strengthening exercises - loads on NHS website or most running sites. Do you wear proper running shoes that have been recommended for your running style? If not go to a specialist shop (sweatshop, runners need etc) and request a gait analysis - this will assess the way your feet, ankles, legs and knees behave when you plant your foot  and there are shoes that help correct if your not a neutral runner. Make sure you stretch gently as part of your warm down. You need to be careful you don't  pick up a perm injury so rest it for a week or two, that's most important.


    Hope this helps.

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