new iron distance race for August 2014

A new race is announced on the Cotswold 113 site after consultation on this thread amongst other places ealier this year.

Aimed at first timers and those looking for a fast course it would seem tailor made for many of the newer piriates and older shipmates alike'

It has the benefit of running on the 10th August , also known as the empty month, unless you have kids, sorry for that!

The blurb aims it squarely at the athletes which is what we need and suggests that in this vein there are no cut offs within reason , got to be welcome if you've had a really bad day!

any thoughts? 



  • this event was announced a while back I think although the date has only recently been settled on??  

    feedback from those who have done the 113 has been very good - well run event, good support, friendly course etc - so no reason why the 226 shouldn't be good as well

    there's also a new full distance one on 3rd August at Ashford in Kent - - again off the back of a successful middle distance one.   I know the organisers well and there's no doubt this will also be a good event.

  • It will be a fecking awesome event, but I have a vested interest and therefore extremely biased image
  • not sure whether do do this as a warm up for Wales image. 30 minutes from home too so I can sleep in my own bed! There is a great campsite on the doorstep. Be interested to see the bike route as the 113 is quite flat and super fast.

  • two new races, and one with an interesting name! I see the dates nearly clash and Kent is essentially abroad for me!

    Still hope to sort out annual leave to make myself available for IM Wales as I fancy the sea swim, as always it's downhill from there onwards I like to make the most of the wet bits! I see there is a  swim bike ! How about a swim bike swimimageimage

  • I will probably be doing this after france... In search of the infamous sub 10.... Looks like a good race

  • 226 or the interestingly name Owler?

  • MandMsMandMs ✭✭✭

    How soon can I expect to be recovered enough after France to Have any chance of training for this race.


  • This depends on you and your background training wise... Personally i was back too training 2 days after ironman and i raced the next weekend!

  • It'll be a fast bike course for sure, most of the terrain in the area is flat as pancake.  A good warm up for Wales but the bike course is a polar opposite so dont forget to train on hills / do some hilly sportives.
    I did the 113 this year and very well organised, a great event image

  • I think 6-7 weeks should be plenty of recovery, all depends what you want from the 226 though. 

    Monique used to say she had her best perfomances racing follow up events 6 weeks after an 'A' race.  My experience is similar and ive recovered well having had my 1st and 2nd fastest finishes 2 and 1 week after previous Ironman events.

    Its all a bit subjective though, depends on your base, training, how well you recover and back to back races will suit people with more years under there belt than newbies.  That said I did IM Switzerland and IM UK weeks apart in my first Ironman season.

    Last thing to think about is motivation and focus, it can be difficult to get your head in the right place for a follow up event when youve been primarily focussed on a previous race.  It was a bit like that for me at Henley this year, id nothing really drawing me to the start line, it wasnt easy to drag my ass out of bed and jump in the Thames at 06.00 knowing that a tough day lay ahead.

  • Now I have a dilemma, was planning the Cotswold after loving my first IM on Sunday, but with the Owler Mr F could do the half, decisions, decisions.

  • I'm tempted. Any idea how much it will be? I'm restricted by being a poor student..

  • Owler full is £205, half is £95 - and aquabike (swim/bike) for both distances which might please those with running injuries or who just CBA to run...image

  • Aqua bike, sounds interesting image
  • Oh sold then, Mr F isn't a runner and this means he can get the beers in.

  • fyi - aquabike prices are £125 (full) and £70 (half)

  • 226 for me and a late entry to the aquabike should I get injured, sweet! role on November 1st

  • Barlos forgot to say that the 113 and the 226 have a superb bike feed stationimage
  • I didnt forget to say, but it is true the 113 has a fantastic bike feedstation image

  • I know which one I *need* to do   image

  • I think entries open 1st of November for 226

  • In,  imageimage,  now I have something to dream about on those cold miles over the Winter ( a cold Summer's dayimage)

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