Training and injury advice needed please

Hi There, I am having some trouble with my calves and wanted some advise. I know this is a topic that comes up with runners quite frequently but thought I could maybe ask some specific advise. I have been running for about a year but only recently completed my first 10k. I run about 12 miles per week but last week, 1 mile into a nice gentle run, both of my calves suffered real pain and i had to stop and limped home. i have running shoes but have an appointment booked to have my gait anaylsed but until i have this and seen a physio, I'm slightly scared to get back out there in case i seriously hurt my muscles - can anyone advise on any excercises that can keep my fit until i have resolved this? And any tips to help with resolving it?

Also, I have been told that a woman of my size (5'2'') should weigh about 20 pounds less than what I am to be a successful runner. I want to train for a marathon in the next few months and thought I could try to lose these pounds but I don't seem to lose any weight whilst I am trying to up my mileage - any tips or advice would be hugely appreciated. 


Thanks guys image x

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