2 weeks to run a sub 1:20 half marathon

Hi All,

Running the Birmingham Half Marathon a week on Sunday (20th) and want to try and run it in under 1 hour 20 minutes. I haven't been following a strict training schedule but generally keep in quite good shape and ran about 10 miles on Sunday in 6.30 time and a 5 mile yesterday probably in 6's (I've lost my running watch so guessing here at timings and distances -hopefully not too optimistically.)

Have ran a 1.23 for a half marathon in the past but just wanted an idea of what I should be doing between now and next Sunday to try and dip under 1 hour 20.




  • There's not much you can do between now and then, your speedwork should have been built up in the preceding months.

    Don't do any long runs between now and then; keeping your legs fresh is your best bet.

  • Not much you can do now, but if you did run 6 mins mile pace for 5 miles and felt comfortable, with the 10 miler in 6:30's there is no reason why you can't at least have a go at sub 1hr 20 mins. Would go for a 4 mile run at race pace at the weekend hopefully feeling comfortable to gain a little confidence for a target time.

  •  - Work out how you are going to pace yourself to 6:06 min/mile pace on the day (find that watch, or buy a stopwatch)

    - Run a small number of miles at 6:06 pace to get a feel for the pace

    - In terms of training, preserve and protect what you have developed to date; you are out of time to improve further, but have plenty of time to injur or tire yourself

    - Give the race your best shot, and if it doesn't come off, then give yourself a proper buildup.

  • cripes, and they say we're a want it all today type generation!!

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