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Hi all,

Having run a qualifying time for Boston (IF they do not change the requirements!) I think I am going to apply in the tiny window they have next September. Is any of you running it in 2014? Anybody else going for 2015? Or anyone who has run it before and can tell me a little about it? Is there a Boston Marathon forum I have not seen? How annoying am I with all these questions?

Thank you all!image



  • It's a great event, you'll enjoy it.  There's a handy spreadsheet here that's got course maps, profiles, elevation guides and so on.  It's from 2007 so some of the info on start times and so on may be out of date but the course will be the same.

  • That is brilliant information - thank you  CDave!

  • Hi Barbara

    I would love to run Boston 2014 , not leat to compare with the two MCMs I ran - but doubt if my time for Half is good enough to qualify. 

    Grateful if you have a link to the current qualifying times please?


    Good luck 

  • Hi Roger!

    It is now too late for Boston 2014 - there is only a short window in September when you can enter. Not sure abotu qualifying standards for a half, but full marathon, age graded, here:

  • You are about 11 months early to enter 2015 though! image


  • Ah they have not published 2015 qtimes yet - they were the same in 2013 and 2014 but in 2012 they went up by 5 minutes. Hopefully they won't change them in 2015!

  • Thanks Barbara...qualifying time in my age group is 3:40...hah! in my dreamsimage

    One day I may dip under 4 hours - at which point I might retire from everything except ParkRun !

  • See you there in 2015 image


    ....... Off to find someone to run a decent time for me..... (YES i'm joking)

  • I have no doubt you can do it Steph!!! See you in 2015. It would be totally awesome to go to Boston together!! image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barbara- I've got a place for 2014 ...QTs were up to 20 mins quicker! ...but am worried injury may stop me running it. I did it in2009 and really had a great time plus a pb. Make sure you do it in 2015 

  • ShazmoShazmo ✭✭✭
    I have a Boston 2014 place, although I'm not 'racing' it because I'm doing London the week before. I plan to trot round and 'enjoy' itimage
  • I also have a 2014 place and ran it in 2013, so you could say I have unfinished business with the event.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Shazmo- me too though I may miss VLM . Ever done two so close before ? I could have done the two in 2009 but decided Boston was enough or me. ..pity 

  • ShazmoShazmo ✭✭✭
    2old - no, I've not completed two so close together. The closest I've come is recently doing a 32 mile fell race and went straight back to long road distances the following weekend and it wasn't as torturous as I anticipated. My plan is to race London and just get round Boston and take it all in. It will be my first time at both events so I don't want to miss either!
  • Hmmmmm, 18 months to try and save up.........I guess it might not be impossible......*rushes off to buy lottery tickets*

  • REMREM ✭✭✭

    Boston is great. I have run a few big city marathons and the support in Boston is amazing.  Ran in 2001, and 2006 & 2007 ran London as well.  I thought in 2014 they were too close to run both.

  • Anyone travelling from the UK in April?  Attempting the London Boston double, didn't expect to get in with a Blackpool qualifying time but not keen on missing it now I'm in...

  • Looking forward to Boston. Me and a mate are travelling out from London on april 17th for a week. Need to make the most of it and have a good look around. I'm not doing the London /Boston double, deferring my London place for next year. image 

  • Same here Kessman - applied for London in case I didn't get in to Boston, but I'll defer it to next year. Flying from London on the Friday.

  • I'm in for 2014, deferred VLM until next year.  Flying to Florida on the 9th to acclimatise and finish my taper!  Hopefully Boston will feel lovely and cool when I get there on the 18th.  

    Has anyone seen the latest email about baggage, prohibited items etc?  Looks like I'll be carrying a stack of food on the bus and I am particularly looking forward to wearing the cape!

  • How long before thew start are we likely to be shipped out?


  • Yes, the cape's particularly stylish! At least we will be able to leave some stuff in our clear plastic bags at the finish - I thought we might not even be able to do that.

  • In a way, I'm pleased that I won't be lugging a backpack around after the race!  I'll just be shuffling along with my plastic bag!  I think the buses leave the Common pretty early, I'm not good at eating early in the morning so it'll be breakfast on the bus for me!  Bit nervous about the hills, but so looking forward to doing it!

  • Looks like i'll need to pack some old throwaway kit to wear to the start. Just hope the weather is kind.Also glad my hotel is close to the finish.   


  • I see from the qualifying time requirements that its 3:05 for 18-34 males. Am I reading it correctly that the further you are UNDER that time the better chance you'd have of getting a place? So, for example, a 2.55 marathoner would stand a better chance than someone running 3:04:59......?

  • Yes Bedders that is how they have worked it. Registration opens first for those who qualify by 20 mins, then after a few days it opened for those who qualified by 10 mins and after a few more days it opened for those who had the qualifying time. One of my mates a V40 had achieved the qualifying time to allow him to apply at the final stage and he still got in.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Speedy- I'm doing the race ,no 2 for me. The buses leave from the Common very early and arrive at the start area very early. It was freezing and we sheltered under an open sided tent in a school playing field. Some people took sleeping bags to keep warm. Didnt see them run in them though. I used black bin bags. There was free coffee tea juice bagels and , I think , Danish pastries. The first 15 miles feels very fast as you are put into sections with people with similar times so whilst it is crowded the race flows and a lot of it is net downhill .The hills start about 17 miles in and  one steep hill about  20 miles on but it's ok particularly if you have built  hills into the latter part of your long runs. The hardest part for  me was the last 3 miles but then they always are when I do a marathon. It's a great experience. The city loves the race and everyone is friendly and welcoming. Can't wait to do it again 

  • If I remember correctly from last yr you're shipped out in convoys from around 6 am from Boston common. That's a lot of time to kill, and it'll be 20 mins more this time due to extra entrants.

  • 6am!!!! Presumably it takes an hour to drive to the start at 30mph getting the first lot there at 7am, what time does the run start? Waiting around in the cold for 3 hours has so far formed no part of my training plan image

  • When do we find out our start pens? Is the transport staggered by start times or is it just first come first served to get on the bus?

    Hope training's going well for all of you!

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