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The Runner's World team


Am I Mr Strange Foot

I'm going to give up running ... I've just spent a day and a half trying to get hold of a pair of Saucony Grid Stabils and met with various different flavours of "sorry, haven't got any in that size".
Sweatshop, Bournesports, Derby Runner ... no luck there !

Before anyone thinks I'm a size 18 or my feet are wider than Birmingham - all I'm looking for is a bog standard size 10.

Am I strange ... are people laughing at me when I ask for 10s and thinking "what a misshape this guy must be" ?

Should I consider cosmetic surgery to have my feet changed to 9.5 or 10.5 - loads of Stabils of that size available - or should I be looking at getting a job in a circus - you know - baggy trousers, red nose - that kind of thing ?

Help, Mr Saucony, make some more size 10s before I have to enter bathchair and blanket events !


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    Looks like it's one of those popular sizes that just flies off the shelf. Sorry, Bruxy, you're not a unique biological specimen - you're, er, NORMAL. On current evidence, that is. Unless you can tell us different...

    Cheers, V-rap.
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    V-rap, thanks for that ... can't remember the last time I was described as "normal" - even if there's an "er" qualifying it and it's completely wrong :-) - but you don't want to know the wicked truth !

    Birmingham Runner has saved the day and come up with the goods - so I'll be able to hold my head up high as I run by, no longer accompanied by a swarms of flies all homing in on the vapours drifting from my old Stabils.

    Wonder if Saucony would like them back for "research" ???

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    And who was it said that nothing good would ever come out of Birmingham?

    I get my shoes from the other local establishment, Sutton Runner. They don't have the fancy gait analysis equipment, but they have never failed to have the shoes I want when I go in. It's such a friendly establishment that I sometimes wonder whether they make sure they get a pair of "my" shoes in every 3-4 months.

    Last time I went to replace my shoes, the fellow in the shop demonstrated that the shoe was still fit for running in despite having a good 500 miles on it. I bought a new pair anyway, but bashed another 500 miles of very comfortable walking out of the old shoes before reluctantly throwing them away because the midsole had definitely expired.

    Cheers, V-rap.
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