Please help

I've been an avid runner for 14 years, and find myself sidelined by the stupidest of "injuries." It would seem my calf muscles have abandoned me. The latest serious calf strain I suffered happened while walking down stairs, and the other calf followed suit on a rehab exercise. I cannot begin to explain how much I love to run, and the thought of being sidelined permanently by this injury that NEVER heals breaks my heart. I've tried everything. Rest, a little excercise, KT tape, compression sleeves. They work for a while, then the muscles revolt again. Am I a goner, as far as running is concerned? Granted, I've never been much of a runner, but the activity means the world to me, If anyone can help, it'd be GREATLY appreciated.


  • Have you had any treatment for your injury?  Do you vary your training type and running surface?  It might be that you just need to do some calf strengthening exercises.  I have suffered numerous calf injuries in the past and since I changed my training routine I have been injury free (touch wood).  The biggest change has been to run slower (yes run slower) but have 1 full on effort run a week over about 8 - 10K.  The rest of the week is either easy run, LSR or (as I did yesterday) a nice hill run.  If you are injured at the moment then seek medical advice.  Injuries are part of running, so don't think you are a goner.

  • It's hard to add to Daz's good answer. Especially seeking medical advice.

    It clearly means a lot to you, so can you prioritise your budget to pay for a good physio?

  • Do you run off road or on road when you train? Are you heel toe or on ball of foot runner?  Hard running on ball of foot, especially hills can put overload on your calves. Medical advice is best.

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