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First of all i am not Spam. I am real person, and you can google me to find my profiles. So if you like running or walking this qualifies you to participate in my research project that focuses on both measuring sports performance and the usage of technology for this purpose. If you do not want to praticipate on any survey that is fine, and please do not continue reading. I do not want to waste your time I choose this forum, because i would like to adress a broad group of runners.

The research is part of my joint master program in Global Innovation Management at Aalborg University, Denmark and Strathclyde University, Scotland.


The goal of my research project is to develop a new concept to make performance easier to measure on an individual basis and to find out why people use new technology in the sporting world.


By participating in this research you will help me finish the final year of my masters with a successful project, as well as in developing a product which fits your own personal needs. Your answers will be completely anonymous and all results are exclusively for the project.


Please take two minutes of your time and fill out the attached survey attached. 



Thank you so much for your support.
Rebecca Davis



  • sorry . did try but stopped at the third question.....image

    mind you the second one upset me.......lumped in with the wrinkliesimage

  • haha, i am sorry. we had to make a decision on the age groups image

  • Everyone gets to be a wrinkly eventually - it's only a numberimage

  • Please help me!

  • Well I fiilled it in.  Not quite sure what you get out of it... but at least you have an anwer.

  • thanksimage


  • I've filled it in for you. Hope its some help

  • Nope Which are you most likely to do... Then how often do you exercise... In the chosen sport or all sports ?

    2/10 must try harder
  • Becky I think for this type of forum making them chose between cycleing and running might make people's head's explode. image


  • Made it past Q2, Q3 was a struggle, it didn't like 2 answers. Why cant it have 2 answers ? a subsequent question was happynto take 3 (but not 4) The last questions were tedious. If I dislike part A, then obviously I like part B, repeat ad nauseam. 


  • hi, 

    i know it might be hard, but for my purpose i have t make you to choose. I had a long debate if i should or not. sorry if your head explodedimage 

    To the critic of dave, unless you know what i want to know, you can not really judge about the quality of my questions i would think.

    to that last part, Rick, actually it is important to ask both questions. you can read about the kano model, if you are interested in why image 


  • Nope, not interested thanks, I'll leave that to you!!  Just telling you why it was that I was about to bin it at that point, but then I thought that off I did then I wouldn't be entered into the free prize draw so I kept going. The others are just giving you the same feedback. 

  • i know. i am just explaining image 

  • and thanks for your time btw!

  • But you asked me run, walk, cycle. And then asked how often I exercise...

    Did you mean out of the exercise I had ticked out of the 3 or any exercise..

    It doesn't matter what you want to know, if you don't ask the question correctly us simpletons can't answer it

    Sorry you've dropped to 1 / 10. Failed
  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    Done, hope it helps.


    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Got to agree with Dave on that one.  I fully understand that you may want to force people to choose the 'most likely' form of exercise. There can be perfect scientific reasons for that - and that particular question was clear.

    But ambiguous questions are your enemy.

    "How often do you exercise?"   -  Personally, I chose NOT to answer that question literally. Even though my head had just been thinking about the 3 different forms of exercise I do, you had forced me to select one (running), so I chose to read the question as "How often do you run?"

    Some people will do the same as me, but I guess some will have answered the question exactly as it was asked.... which can only introduce inaccuracies into your data.  There can be no value in this.

    The wording for the question should perhaps have been either "How often do you do that most common form of exercise?"   Or perhaps "How often do you do any of those forms of exercise?"  

    Getting the wording of surveys right is very difficult.

  • Glad it wasn't just me   image

  • ok, i get what you are saying, and it might be true. should have paid more attention zo that question. However my main focus is not on how often you work out, but more on if you use technology, and why. image so it will not destroy my outcomes. this might be why it sliped our attention, that it might not be clear.

    however thanks everybody, with our help i got a lot of response, which enables me to make sense of the data.  

  • Too late.....  


    Taking my ball home now

  • But what if I use technology more in a sport in which I do less ?

  • Hi Becky - I thought the survey was good and easy to fill in.

    Also I understand your double questions at the end - because I like to have something does not mean I actually dislike the opposite.

    Good luck with your Masters

  • I didn't have any problems answering the questions either

    I would be worried with a watch that automatically made a call in an emergency in case it did it by mistake! image

  • I filled this in, but was disappointed you didn't define 'emergency'.

  • touie2... ref the automatic emergency call.  I never thought of that!

    Becky...  Fair enough. I'd reckoned that it wasn't the most important question.  I wasn't just being a clever so-and-so... I was just defending Dave, who did have a point!

    Surveys are a nightmare to draw up, and even the best student surveys usually ask at least one that can be easily misinterpreted.  Many professionals make similar mistakes from time to time.  It's always much easier to find fault with other people's survey questions than it is to spot faults those you've written yourself!

  • All surveys should have just three answers: yes, no and very much so.

  • hi, 

    about the emergency call, its a question on how you set it up and design the user interface. it might not be, that you call the police/ambulance directly, but a number you set up before. there are many possibilities on how this could be done. 

    yeah surveys are not very much fun, i agree image

  • I am totally confused about the point of this research.

    You say it is about measuring performance, yet only ask me one question about which features I feel are most important in measuring performance, and then limit me to three!

    The unctions in that list are all pretty basic and I use all of them except calories - you have not asked anything about being able to programme interval sessions etc.

    All subsequent questions are nothing about measuring performance - contacting people in an emergency, controlling music from my watch etc.

    It's fine if that is really what you want tofind out about, but your stated aim is misleading.

  • Even as you speak, she is emptying all our bank accounts...

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