• More like a mountain climbing expedition !
  • I can see that they based Norseman as their ideal....

    The run looked hard.I would want to be tied to my support runner for that one.......

  • Navigating off a mountain looks really hard - imagine doing that as part of the IM run - when your brain is cabbaged ! Fegans done it hasn't he ?
  • Hmmm, this was a possiblity for next year, will have to watch it later.

  • Plenty of shivering opportunities....
  • don't think Fegan's done it - he did City to Summit this year - similar but different and probably not so hard even with a run up to the top of Ben Nevis and back down after riding from Edinburgh.  

    a friend did Celtman last year (1st year of it) and said it was the most brutal IM distance he'd done, and he's done a few. 

  • it definitely looked brutal.....but strangely appealing.....

  • Oh has he not FB ? Yeah I think the Celtman is a harder race than the city to summit. At least the path up Ben Nevis is well defined and well trodden.
  • My thoughts exactly Serenaimage

  • a couple of my clubmates have done it twice and they loved it but to give it some context, one of them ran Mont Blanc this year and won city to summit. They've all done Bob Graham and the other is a kona qualifier.

    All of them said it was bloody tough but an amazing event.

  • Hmmmm this looks oarsumimage

  • I very much like the sound of Celtman, and a friend had suggested doing it, but I'm slightly scared to watch it now

  • iphone grrrrrrrrr image

    no edit grrrrrrrrrr image

    ................I don't want to be put off. Ignorance is bliss

  • Ok, so I caved in and watched it.  Bloody awesome!

    Think I might need just a wee smidge more training.  

    But never say never.....................  


  • It would be a massive challenge for me as i cant handle heights ive managed to run up Snowdon by some of the more established safer routes (ranger track) but striding edge reduced me to a gibbering jellyimage Anybody got a clue how scrambly technical the mountain stage is?

  • the bit is showed was very technical....the winner posts on tritalk.he could give you more infor,,,,

  • RBM - you could do the Brutal tri in Snowdonia ?
  • I considered the Brutal but we have had a number if training camps up there over the years i absoltely love the area but it would be like going over old ground this Celtman thingy looks fantastic

  • Whippet if you need any crew to help, count me in image 

    This is run by the guys that own the Tri shop I used to go to, and I know a few people that have done it.  Brutal but brilliant I think. As a very rough estimate, some folk I know that did it took an extra 2-ish hours from a normal IM, so factor that in, though of course it isn't a given.

    Max you could do this, you're a machine

  • Time for a thread? image 

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Wow, that does look very extreme. Not something I could ever do but very inspiring!

  • Just watched it, where do I send my money image

  • http://www.cxtri.com/

    Entries for the 2014 race will open at midnight on Saturday 2nd November and close at midnight on Friday 15th November (UK time). We will operate a simple ballot system so it's not first-come-first-served.

    The entry link will be posted here soon.

    Please direct any enquiries to info@cxtri.com.
  • Lee if i am a machine , i am industrial revolution era and should be on antiques road show  image

     Nice next year but i was looking for something a little bit different to challenge my Bruv and they cornish crowd so this is looking good for 2015 i always fancied Norseman but the cost and logistics was to much thus is much more doable

  • This looked amazing,

    not interested in the slightest

    not interested in the slightest

    not interested in the slightest

    not interested in the slightest

    hmm maybe a little, 2015 anyone?

  • I might be interested for 2015image

    at least being slow its not hard to find someone to run the marathon with me.....I imagine for the fast ones they ned a reasonably fast friend

  •  3.8km Sea Loch Open Water Swim

    Transition 1 (T1) in Shieldaig village (Loch Shieldaig)

    202km Road Bike 

    Transition 2 (T2) near Achnashellach Forest

    40km Run;

    18km off???road through the Coulin Pass on ‘twintrack’ forest road and tarmac

    Transition T2A in Glen Torridon (this acts as the mountain safety checkpoint and cut???off. It’s also where athletes pick???up their compulsory support runner for the high mountain section of the run)

    15km off???road through the high mountains of the Beinn Eighe massif

    7km road run to the finish (it is not mandatory to have a support runner for this section)

    Finish in Torridon village

    Cut off is 11 horst to T2A for the high mountain part


  • Seren, if you're looking for a support runner I'll skip across the hillsides with you.  Celtic chicks take on Celtman image

  • not for next year for me .I have other fish to fry image

  • It's really really hard.  One of my friends was the "guide" for a competitor on the run last year... Even though he didn't go over the mountain, it was still really really hard...

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