Do you have a thing?

I always swim in multiples of 10 lengths, but preferably multiples of 20. I'd feel quite uneasy about doing, say, 24 lengths. It would be wrong. 

So what's your thing?


  • Left trainer/shoe on first. EVERY time.

  • I like new socks for my Ironman events. And I always buy some London Marathon shorts.
  • Race day haircut.  Or does everyone do that?

  • Only for an A race.
  • aint no thang here

  • Is this one of those threads where you lot get competitive about how OCD you all are?

  • Not me!  

    I think I usually put my shorts on before my top, but the idea of doing the other way round doesn't bother me image

  • I always put on my sock before I put on my trainersimage 

  • Very good SR.

    I have zero comprehension about why people have these ridicous superstitions! But I can see that once they've started, they must be hard to break.

    On a related theme, I remember as a teenager, my Mum & I had the same pools numbers every week... with that puts you in a difficult situation of not wanting to miss a week, "because that will be the week when the numbers come up"!  I did actively try to 'forget' those numbers -if I'm honest, I do remember about 5 of them even now.

    Feel sorry for those who stuck to the same lottery numbers every week, when it was a pound a week.  Then they introduced the Wedneday draw, and have now doubled the ticket cost.  

    Whatever your superstitions, break free everyone!

  • Mine isn't superstition. I don't think the earth will fall out,of its orbit if I don't swim my lengths. I just think it's untidy image

  • I have noticed that everyone seems to run the races in the same direction.

  • image

    I can't stand seeing shoes crossed over, i.e. the left one placed on the right of the right one. 

    I completely agree - it just looks weird.

  • but bookie the pool is 25m and so you have to convert that to miles so that you finish in fractions of a half a mile.....

  • I like even numbers... unless the even number is next to a 5 in which case I prefer the 5. E.g. when I'm changing the TV volume on a remote I'll go up 20, 22, 25, 28, 30

    Like Ultra Bookie, it's not supersition it's more about tidiness.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a thing!

  • I always get changed up stairs but put my socks on downstairs, left one first. When I go through gates at stations, stadiums, etc. I "have" to go through the furthest left one too.

    I just put it down to me being strange....

  • I didn't know I had a thing, but I always put my left trainer on first.

  • Seren ours is a 50m pool She normally does about 40 lenths to my 20 on a average day. image

  • Constantly on the look out for UFO's. 

  • Any repetitive activity I tend to do by multiples of 4. I don't have a meltdown otherwise, but it doesn't feel quite right.
  • When I'm training (I've learnt to deal with it when racing) I have to stop on the mile or half mile, even though I train by time, and that goes for the bike as well.

  • image I always try to train and conmute in set distances so I can get points for the friendly compertition thread on here this is silly as I live 11 miles from my place of work and also cycle a extra mile to get home every day.

  • 20, 22, 25, 28, 30

    Exactly this - except I also allow myself to use 11 if and when it involves the volume of something. For obvious reasons.

  • Craig Waite wrote (see)

    I also allow myself to use 11 if and when it involves the volume of something. For obvious reasons.


    You set your amp to maximum volume?

  • I never run out and back unless I really have to, even when lost I never retrace my steps. Plough onwards through undergrowth, nettles anything but turn back.

  • I always fill the car up to a whole number of litres to show I haven't got a thing about only putting in a round number of pounds' worth.

  • I have to run just over a mileage target, can't deal with just under - 20.01 miles is fine, 19.99 is not.

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