urgent help needed running 20th october

Hi All,

i have been traininig really well and have never been injured before, but now i am freaking out!!. i am running the great birmingham run on 20th October and i am set to run around a 1hr 44 time. This is my final week befor i taper down next week, however i ran 11.2 miles last night and my knee killed from about mile 9. im convinced its runners knee. its only mild i can touch it witout it hurting and i can walk fine stairs hurt, and some hills do. The pain is at the front of my knee at the bottom of the knee cap. Will it heal in time with rest for the half marathon. Please help ive worked too hard to be set back now.


  • It's impossible for me to say and it goes without saying that a professional would be best consulted...

    But as a fellow forumite, I would say that you should do nothing but rest now, until maybe 18th October, then maybe a very easy tester run.

    If you've trained well, as you say, then even if you don't run one more training mile, I doubt it will cost you a minute on your time.  On the other hand, you have a lot to gain by giving that knee maximum time to rest.

    Lots of people (myself included) will tell you that they've run some of their best races when they've had a "complete" taper enforced upon them.

    Hope it works out.  It certainly sounds quite plausible.  Just depends on severity, and your own individual body.

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