Running in Belgium

I'm going to be moving to Antwerp and am want to keep running whilst out there. Does anyone know anywhere I can get hold of info about running in Belgium or of any running clubs in and around Antwerp. I hope someone can help. Many thanks Will


  • Hi sh
    Me and my hubby may be moving to just outside Brussels, only maybe. I would too be interested in any info you find out about the running situation in the surrounding areas. Hopefully should know more soon but can't hurt to be prepared!
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    Hi Shaolin Monkey,

    I studied in UFSIA Antwerp oooh a few years ago now. I was a bit of a beer monster back then so didn't ANY exercise at all!

    But there are plenty of beautiful parks there and a nice big zoo. I'm sure thyey'd make great runs. Best keep out of the city centre though as the traffic is unbelievably bad.

    Also, there's a big cinema complex called something like 'metropolis'. It has around 20 screens and is situated in the middle of nowhere about 5 miles (?) out of town. It has a couple of those batman style lights wandering around the sky in the evening. Reckon a run towards THAT, followed by a movie (front left/right so you dont stink the place out) would be fun!
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    There is a large park and lake about a mile north of Ghent if you ever visit on a nice hot day.

    It's all man made inc the beach around it. You can also run along the sandy footpaths that wind through the trees in this park. They have also set up a number of exercise apparatus along these paths eg monkey bars, balance beams, chin-up, sit-up, press-up beams etc.

    Apparently my friends told me these were introduced by the local council as there was a fear that local residents were becoming overweight!

    Oostend has a massive pier which would be spot on and I'm sure Brussels must have plenty of large parks away from the city centre as it's such a big city.
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  • daz - found some nice runs round antwerp now i've been here a bit but not found any clubs - they seem to be out in the 'burbs and i live in the centre and i don't have a car. see lots of runners about but think they're on their own.

    can see you why were a bit of a beer monster while you were here. missed yesterdays long run as i was out until 7am and had rather a lot of bollekes.

    tia - dunno much about running around brussels. there's a larger expat community down there so might be some clubs. there's definitely a hash house harriers club ('the drinking club with a running problem'). there's also a dutch runner's world which seems to have races in the flemish half of belgium.

    try looking for a forumite on here called 'Clientje'. he lives 'somewhere near brussels' apparently. he started this thread:

    so try there - and if you do move here get in training for the beer...
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    Oh the beers....mmmmm. I'm quite fond of Kriek, but that might be because I was brought up in cider-loving country, and it tastes a bit like that. Also the Orval and Duval are nice if you want to push the boat out. What about you?

    They must have some great sporting events down there. They have a top footy team, famous tennis tournament and what about cycling?
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  • love kwak though i feel ridiculous with the glass. de koninck is good as an everyday drink. actually can't go very wrong on the beer front really except for the guezes / lambics which i don't get. the fruit beers can be nice on a terras in the sun.

    other sports? my flemish hasn't really got to a level where i have a clue what's happening in this town.
  • I'm a she rather than a he actually! I live just outside of Brussels. I have had a quick look on the net and found the following sites which list all the running clubs in the Antwerp area.

    They give lots of phone numbers so perhaps you should give one a call Shaolin and they can point you to the club nearest to you. If you need anything translated just let me know.
  • sorry, gender is hard to discern on here

    cheers for the leads
  • Any o' you guys running the Brussels 20k tomorrow? I live in Uccle BTW
  • yep - i'll be the guy in a cambridge uni vest with number 18469
  • Shaolin

    How did you get on? I was full of cold but (unwisely) started anyway - but had to drop out at the Bois de la Cambre. Disappointed but it was the right decision -my head was pounding for 2 hours afterwards.

    My star of a running partner managed 1hr 45.

    Hope you had a good day
  • Couldn't believe the crowds, was even worse than last year! pit-pony, you were right to drop out if you weren't well, Ave. Tervuren nearly finished me off and I was in my health and strength! How did you get on Shaolin? Any luck on finding a running club by the way?
  • Looking at the web site I think Shaolin Monkey finshed in about 1 hour 36 - impressive.

    Thanks for kind thoughts Clientje - actually I had no choice at all. We were going nicely through 7 km in about 35 mins including the slowish start, but I honestly couldn't have continued at all. So rather than completing the Bois I turned right towards Uccle and jogged the three kilometres home very slowly.

    Was looking forward to flat and downhill parts of the Blvd du Souverain, but actually rather glad I didn't have to clamber up the Ave Tervuren!

    Know what you mean about the crowds, but the bands and the atmosphere were great. What I really hate are the discarded bin liners which are lethal underfoot. One older gentleman went flying in the first tunnel because some idiot thought it was a good place to discard his bin bag. Hope he's OK.

    How did you get on?
  • pit-pony: sorry to hear about the cold but probably the right thing to do.

    well pleased with 1:36 and i reckon it took me 4 minutes to cross the starting line so 'real' time slightly quicker.

    had big trouble with the crowds last year but managed to push my way forward at the start. there seemed to be no logic with the numbers though as there were lots of really slow runners right at the front.
  • Very impressive Shaolin, well done! I only came in at a slow 2.06, was disappointed as I really thought I could make it under two hours. But on the plus side I was faster than last year so I guess I should be happy enough.
    What is it with all that spitting though??! I know its par for the course in running but it seemed to be the main priority of everyone on Sunday.Don't know how I made it to the finish without being covered from head to toe in phlegm!!
  • I'd like to start this thread up again.

    Has anyone found out anything about running in Antwerp.  When i was out there recently I saw a massive billboard touting the Antwerp 10 (i'm guessing 10Km) so they definitely run!!

    Is it just England that does running clubs.  I'm slow and rubbish but I get a lot out of my running club and it would be good to join something that motivates me and allows me to meet new people out there.

    Any updated information would be gratefully received.



  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Hi Lu,

    I'm also in Belgium and will be running in Antwerp in April. There's lots of clubs in Antwerp and there's lots of informal clubs as well as more structured clubs. Do you speak Dutch? That will definitely help you out.

    I'm between Antwerp and gent and there's 4 clubs in my town alone and they are quite different on level basis.2 of them are really competitive and the other two are focused on the starters and slower runners.

    What sort of distances/ running are you looking for?

    I've found a lot of great trail clubs around here and Genk and they're lovely and friendly!
  • Hi Emmy,

    Thanks for replying.  I guess i'm happiest with 7-10km but I have the Reading half marathon coming up next weekend. So I've been stepping up the milage.

    I'm trying to find out if I can still register for the Antwerp 10.  The link doesn't seem to say whether i can or not.  Happy that its 10 miles.

    I'm going to be working around Beerse, so Gent might be a bit far image

    I am learning Dutch and it can only get better hahaha

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Yep, You can still register. If you have a runners service lab near you - you can register there. I go to the one in Antwerp but there's one in Duffel and all over Belgium. also another hint ive found: Try looking at the site in a different language - sometimes that works. Which URL are you using?

    Beerse is near turnhout, right?

    There's also the Brussels 20km in may which is a good run. It normally sells out pretty quickly but it's definitely improved the past few years.

    I have a collection of URL for races - I'll add it to the thread when I get on my computer tomorrow.

    I've just registered for this coal miners trail in August. 22km in the Limburg hills should be fun!

    I know what you mean about Dutch. I've been taking classes and there are days when I wonder if I'm actually talking it!
  • Hey, Yep Beerse is near Tournhout. Everything seems so flat (i'm pretty sure that;s why I am drawn to the country!)  i'm surprised you say the Limburg Hills.  I'm worried I'm not going to be able to cope with 13.1 miles in Reading, (known to be one of the flattest halves in England!) let alone be able to do it in hills.

    Are Dutch lessons expensive?? I've just downloaded a load of books and was going to practice that way hahaha.

    I will look forward to the URLs and I'll have to figure out where the hell i'll be ending up before i find a running club that suits me.  Interesting that there is such a difference between club focuses in different towns.

    Lovin' the Phlegm image))

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Yep - it's the same where I am (Sint Niklaas). I have real issues with hill training as the biggest hill i have is a motorway bridge! BUT I can assure you - once you get into Limburg - there are some large hills. I did Reading in 2008 and I remember a hill! It didnt seem that flat to me!

    I'm doing it at the VUB in Brussels and it's not that expensive. Of course - there are variations! If you go to your stadhuis and ask for dutch lessons they'll give you the state sponsored ones. Decent lessons and teaching and normally you get some money back. I did an intensive course in Antwerp (linguapolis) and loved it.

    Here are the URLs as promised:

    There's some races but also race groups:

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