Trail Half Marathon

I only began running at the start of the year and have completed my first half (GNR). I do a mixture of trail and road running but I am slow (11 minute miles on average).

I love trail running and am wondering if I should try a trail half marathon. I know it is going to be slower and tougher so I am not sure if I should do more trail miles before considering it. Any thoughts?




  • Not sure about training but I did Grimsthorpe Half as my first trail half this year and it was an amazing event!!

  • What other training do you do? Speed work, Tempo runs, cycling..... If your just road or trail running with no speed, strength or cross training of any type, then I wouldn't expect to see increases in speed. 

    I knocked a minute off my average mile time by mixing my training and joining a local running group. It's amazing how running with someone slightly faster than yourself helps.

  • Thank you both.

    I do some strength and some speed work most weeks as well as a long road run and a shorter trail. I am only worried about being slow because I would expect a trail half to take me longer than a road half.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Hi Lee-Anne. Do you have a trail marathon in mind? Have you looked last year's results and seen what's the slowest time?

    I've only done one road half mara in 2:20 in 2012 and since gotten unfit. But, there's a trail half mara in New Forest early March next year that I quite fancy doing. Yes, it probably will be take longer but so what? We're supposed to enjoy running. 

    Will obviously help if you can do more trail running in training but depends how hard and hilly the trail half mara you want to do is. Just go for it!

  • The one that caught my eye is in two weeks! I live in Scotland and it goes along the old Roman Wall. Such a beautiful route.

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