64 years of age legs feel shattered on runs

Hi, I have been running competitively for 30 years, ( i am now 64, lady) my besy years were my 40,s, i had pb,s  5 miles ( 30 m. 05 sec)  10k ( 38.50),

10 miles (64.50). My favourite running is  x-country, i have had various titles in the South of England and hampshire. I slowed down in my 50,s, but still performed well in my age group. I have recently started running in the UK park runs, after a break from competing( 5 years). Obviously the park runs are undulating and off road, but i was well above average in my age group, those runs were from April to July (best time 27.52). Sorry to be going on, but i need you all to realise i am not a new runner.  For the last month, everytime i go out for a run, my legs feel absolutely shattered and i feel i am hardly moving. I have had a couple of leg massages, but problem is still there. I walk my dogs at least 5-6 miles every day, but i have always done that.  I have rested for 3-4 days at a stretch but when i return to a run its though i have not rested at all. Has this happened to anyone else in their 60,s???? I don,t want to give up yet, i run 3-4 times a week.



  • When you don't feel well and you know things are not right, what do you do? You go and see your GP.

    You really provide very little to work on. You are focused on your legs but do you feel absolutely shattered? Do you feel well generally and only feel things are not right when you start running? Ask yourself those questions.

    Take your pulse rate at different times during the day while you are doing things and when resting. Just count for 15 seconds and multiply by 4 to get the rate for a minute. Do that over 2 or 3 days noting the result each time. Also do it before going for a run and after you come back do it about four times in the first hour back.

    Does your pulse behave erratically or steadily during the normal course of the day? Is it beating fast when you are resting reading or watching TV?

    Let your GP have your results when you visit.

  • Thanks for that Marten, i feel good during day etc, its only when i run( only the last 6 weeks or so).  I do often take my pulse as i have a garmin, but you are correct i must take it at more regular times when not running. Thank you


  • 5-6 miles of dog walking every day? I'm 57 (m) and have always been very active, but about a year ago I hit what I would call an 'age' wall. My speed dropped off dramatically and I was always tired - running 5-6 times a week - about 35 miles a week.

    I have since reduced it to 25 miles, 3-4 times a week and on rest days, I really rest. I've noticed a big difference in the 'quality' of my runs. 

    Unless you have an underlying medical problem, I would ease up, take longer rest periods and generally slow down. At 'our' age, it is not good to try and continue at the pace we once did. 

    Think of your body as a vintage car... would you try and compete with a modern sports car?

  • Thanks Clive, i noticed  i slowed down 1min per mile when i hit 53. Problem is on my rest days i still have to walk my springers, my husband unable to.


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